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For the sin of anger/river Styx runs through it/transported by Phlegyas across/meet Filippo Argenti, Florentine politician who took Dante's property after his expulsion from city
Cocytus/for treachery/Satan wings flap creating thick ice/Satan's 3 faces are chewing on Judas, Brutus, & Cassius/4 levels named for Cain, Anthenor of Troy, Ptolemy, & Judas
For the sin of gluttony/Cerebus tears at victims with teeth & claws/icy rain & slush/Ciacco tells Dante the Guelphs (pro-Pope) will defeat the Ghibellines (pro-Emperor) in Florence
For fraud/arive riding on Geryon/Malebolge divided into 10 Bolgias/seducers, pimps, hypocrits, simonists, magicians, thieves/various punishments including leprosy
For heresy/City of Dis/the Furies dwell here/burning tombs contain heretics/Epicurus, Emperor Frederick II, and Pope Anastasius II
For the sin of greed/Plutus (wolf-like demon of wealth) guards level/those who hoarded wealth & those who lavishly spent it/Dante sees many clergymen including popes & cardinals
Dante's tour guide
For violence/guarded by Minotaur/encircled by river Phlegethon (boiling blood)/murderers, tyrants, suicides, sodomites, blasphemers/Alexander the Great, Centaurus/Guy de Montfort
For the sin of lust/hurricane-like storm as punishment for their lack of self-control in life/Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Tristan
Limbo/across the river Acheron/virtuous non-Christians & unbaptized children/7-gated castle/Socrates, Homer, Aristotle, Cicero, Julius Caesar, Hippocrates

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