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Forced Order
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Wife of Pantalone and the mistress of Pedrolino/tough, beautiful, & calculating/wide dresses w/heavy makeup/walks w/flick of toe & arms out to the side/often fights w/another woman
Chequered costume/light-hearted, nimble and astute servant, often acting to thwart the plans of his master, and pursuing his own love interest, Colombina/best known of the Zanni
Crude, clever, cunning peasant/always hungry/uses tricks to make ends meet/were initially presented as puppets/represent city of Modena in Italy
Farsighted, dainty character w/minor stutter/large felt hat & enormous cloak, oversized boots, long sword, giant moustache & cardboard nose/can be classed as vecchio or innamorati
Wife of Pierrot but mistress of Harlequin/tricky slave/ragged, patched dress/heavy eye makeup/carried tambourine/chief intellect of performance/helps her mistress find her love
Also 'the Doctor'/one of the vecchio/rich, pompous, sexist, know-it-all/black costume
Improvised comic dialogue or action commonly used in the Commedia dell'arte
Category of aged, male characters including Pantalone, Il Dottore, & Il Capitano/antagonistic to the innamorati (lovers)
Class of astute servants/tricksters (includes Harlequin, Brighella, & Pedrolino)
The lovers in the play who are, with the help of the zanni in overcoming the vecchio, always united by the end
British puppet show w/roots in Commedia dell'arte/usually very violent/features Pulcinella and his wife
Masked character/one of the vecchio/usually a Spaniard/uses bravado to hide cowardice/all talk/opportunistic & greedy
Black Spanish dress & burlesquing a don/often beaten by Harlequin for his boasting and cowardice/combines role of zanni w/Capitano/no mask but white powder on face/has guitar
Female version of Pierrot
Character representing Venice/top of social order/exceptionally greedy/typically father of one of the lovers/representation of money
Masked comic character/zanni who is smarter & more vindictive than Harlequin/masterful liar & opportunist
Alternate Italian name for Harlequin
A 'first zanni' who instigates confusion voluntarily/social wit/keeps the play moving
Dressed in white w/black mask/peculiar voice (sharp & vibrant uses a swazzle)/carries macaroni & wooden spoon/vicious, & crafty/pretends to be too stupid to know what's going on
Sad clown, pining for love of Columbine, who usually breaks his heart and leaves him for Harlequin/unmasked, with a whitened face, he wears a loose white blouse with large buttons

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