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Can you name the classic American novels from the 1800's by synopsis?

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Forced Order
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Follows passage from childhood to adulthood of the 4 March sisters (Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy)/Amy marries Laurie after he proposed to Jo/Beth dies of scarlet fever/Jo marries Prof BhaerLouisa May Alcott
Takes place 10 years after Little Men/final work in Little Women trilogy/follows several former students & the Bhaer sonsLouisa May Alcott
Jewish prince is betrayed by Roman friend Messala/enslaved in Roman ship, saves commander & becomes heir/obsessed w/revenge/chariot race vs Messala/becomes ChristianLew Wallace
2nd book in Little Women trilogy/tells the story of Jo Bhaer and the children at Plumfield Estate School/begins w/arrival of Nat BlakeLouisa May Alcott
'Call me Ismael'/Capt Ahab chases down white whale which took off one of his legs/ship Pequod is sunk by whaleHerman Melville
Hester Prynne commits adultery and is exiled from society. She is forced to wear the titular item upon her breast, while her lover, Mr. Dimmesdale, dies of guilt.Nathaniel Hawthorne
Amaso Delano in ship Bachelor's Delight rescues title character whose ship (San Dominick) was taken over by African slavesHerman Melville
The title character is kidnapped by his deadbeat father/he escapes and travels with the slave Jim down the Mississippi/meets 'king' and 'duke'Mark Twain
Title character is impressed about HMS Bellipotent/stutters/kills antagonist Claggart/court-martialed & executedHerman Melville
Phoebe Pyncheon romance w/ Holgrave/ The Pyncheon family lives on cursed estate/ The curse is broken after the judge who is attempting to steal their land diesNathaniel Hawthorne
Miles Coverdale goes on a quest to better the world through the agrarian lifestyle and community of the titular farm/ Falls in love with Priscilla who is murderedNathaniel Hawthorne
Slave Eliza escapes across Ohio River w/son Harry/title character sold, saves Eva St Clare on riverboat, bought by her father Tom/sold to Simon Legree after Tom dies/dies at endHarriet Beecher Stowe
Protagonist falls in love with Mabel Dunham a sergeant's daughter/he returns to wilderness when she chooses his friend Jasper WesternJames Fenimore Cooper
Hank Morgan, a Yankee engineer, travels back in time to King Arthur's kingdom where he uses his scientific knowledge to win favor among the peopleMark Twain
Tells of the adventures of Natty Bumpo and his two Indian friends, Uncas and Chingachgook, face as they lead Cora and Alice Munro through the wildernessJames Fenimore Cooper
Hutter and March sneak into the camp of the Huron tribe in order to kill and scalp as many as they can but are captured and ransomed by Natty BumpoJames Fenimore Cooper
Title character lives w/Aunt Polly/he & friends Becky Thatcher & Huck Finn attempt rescue Muff Potter after he is accused by Injun Joe (actual murderer) of killing Dr RobinsonMark Twain

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