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QUIZ: Can you name the US Civil War leaders by description?

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Forced Order
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Wrote Rifle & Light Infantry Tactics for the Exercise & Manoeuvres of Troops When Acting as Light Infantry or Riflemen or __?__'s Tactics (manual used by both sides in Civil War)
Graduated dead last out of 59 cadets from the West Point class of 1846
Taught at the Virginia Military Institute after Mexican War & before Civil War
Married Zachary Taylor's daughter without his consent/then served under him during Mexican War/was the hero of the Battle of Buena Vista/sold insurance after Civil War
Served as primary scout and artillery engineer for Winfield Scott from invasion at Veracruz through battle for Mexico City/offered command of all Union forces but refused
As Congressman from Illinois made anti-Mexican War speeches called Spot Resolutions/asked Pres Polk to identify exact spot where Mexicans killed Americans in Texas
Served as pall-bearer for Sherman at 84 yrs old/refused to wear hat at funeral & died of pneumonia one month later
Was best man at Ulysses Grant's wedding
Assigned duty as official US observer of the European armies during the Crimean War (1855)/sent to Santo Domingo on secret scouting mission by Sec of War Jefferson Davis (1854)
While serving in California wrote official letter to Pres Polk announcing discovery of gold/Commanding General of the Army (1869-1883) upon Grant becoming President
Successfully served as defense attorney for Daniel Sickles (1st use of temporary insanity plea in US)/was attorney general for Buchanan/defended Manny in McCormick vs Manny case
Served as commandant of cadets at West Point just after Mexican War/served as president of Washington College after Civil War/home was turned into cemetery for Union soldiers

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