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InfoReaction Type
Gain of electrons by a molecule, atom, or ion
Reaction which converts vegetable oils or animal fats into soaps/industrial method for producing glycerol/used in fire extinguishers
Technique used to purify chemicals/mix chemicals in saturated solution, then cool until precipitate forms
Type of organic reaction where two or more molecules combine to form a larger one (the adduct)/only w/chemical compounds with multiple bonds (alkenes/alkynes)
Reaction in which oxygen is a limiting agent which yields CO and H2O
Reaction between H2 and another compound used to reduce or saturate organic compounds/used on foods to create longer shelf life/turns unsaturated fats into saturated or trans fats
Reaction which primarily yields CO2 and H2O
Alternate name for a double replacement reaction
A compound is split into its constituent elements/AB -> A + B
Loss of electrons by a molecule, atom, or ion
Reaction where two molecules combine to form a larger molecule but lose a small molecule in the process
Reaction between a metal ion and an organic compound that produces a heavier ring structure/used in nutritional supplements, heavy metal detox, fertilizers, EDTA
InfoReaction Type
All reactions in which atoms have their oxidation states changed
Two elements are combined into one molecule/A + B -> AB
Reaction in which a larger molecule is split into two smaller molecules by the addition of water
Type of aqueous reaction which yields a salt and water
Name for ozone-oxygen cycle by which ozone is continually regenerated in Earth's stratosphere, converting ultraviolet radiation (UV) into heat
Reaction where an element moves from one compound to another/AX + B -> A + BX
Solid-liquid separation technique in which mass transfer of solute from solution to a pure solid crystal occurs
Condensation reaction in which water is the smaller molecule that is lost
Reaction where two elements switch places/AX + BY -> AY + BX
Mixture of 2 or more liquids whose proportions cannot be altered by simple distillation/vapor from boiling has same proportions as liquid
Type of organic reaction in which two substituents are removed from a molecule in either a one or two-step mechanism/E1 or E2 type by # of steps in mechanism/increases unsaturation

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