HCHS US History 21 (2010-2015) (Extreme)

Can you answer the following questions about US History?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) sold weapons to Mexican drug cartels/US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed w/one/scandal for AG Eric Holder under Obama
1st & last name required/Canadian PM since 2015 from Liberal Party/son of former PM/2019 controversy over school pics of him in blackface (or brownface)
Socialist Pres of Venezuela (2013-present) since death of Chavez/was VP & Minister of Foreign Affairs/overseen economic collapse/rules as dictator/opposed by Guaidó in 2019
NSA program exposed by Snowden in 2013/initiated (2007) under Protect America Act/oversight by FISA courts/also known as US-984XN/required Verizon to turn over phone records
2010 law/overhauled financial regulation in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007–2008/created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau/Volcker Rule for bank investments
Leader of al-Qaeda since 2011 death of bin Laden/US State Dept has a $25 million reward for info leading to his capture
Egyptian Pres from 1981-2011/military dictator following death of Anwar Sadat/stepped down during Arab Spring protests/imprisoned but acquitted in 2017/died Feb 2020
11-12 Sept 2012/attacks on 2 US govt facilities in Libya by Ansar al-Sharia/US Ambassador Christopher Stevens & Sean Smith killed/Hillary Clinton blamed for not sending support
Congressional House caucus of conservative & libertarians/formed in 2015 by Jim Jordan/currently led by Andy Biggs (AZ)/primarily supporters of Tea Party movement
2010/ultra-deepwater oil rig owned by Transocean/leased to BP/Triber Oil Field (Gulf of Mexico)/explosion on rig sank it at Macondo & released 4.9 million barrels of oil/
17 yr old black teenager shot by George Zimmerman in Sanford Florida in 2012/Zimmerman claimed he was defending himself & was acquitted/led to protests & rallies nationwide
2010-12 series of anti-government protests & armed rebellions across Middle East & N Africa/began in Tunisia/focused in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria & Bahrain
2004 Dem Pres nominee/lost to W Bush/Massachusetts Senator/married Teresa Heinz/Sec of State for Obama/won medals in Vietnam/was outspoken opponent on return/Lt Gov under Dukakis
IRS employee who oversaw the targeting of conservative political groups by IRS in denying them tax-exempt status/not criminally prosecuted
Chief judge of DC Circuit Court/lead prosecutor for Oklahoma City Bombing/nominated by Obama for SCOTUS/blocked by McConnell in Senate until 2016 Pres election/Gorsuch got spot
2015/Court said same sex couples can marry b/c of Due Process & Equal Protection Clauses
Egyptian Pres (military dictator) since 2013 coup/military training in UK & US/minister of defense under Morsi until he helped overthrow him
White supremacist who killed 9 in 2015 church shooting in Charleston, SC at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church/led to movement to remove Confederate flags in US South
Trans-woman/former US Army soldier/released 750,000 docs to Wikileaks in 2010/convicted in 2013/sentence commuted in 2017/currently in jail for refusing to testify against Assange
17 Sept-15 Nov 2011 protest in Zuccotti Park in NYC in Wall Street financial district/99% vs the 1%/protested against wealth inequality/led to larger international Occupy movement
US soldier who deserted in Afghanistan/captured by Taliban/Obama traded Taliban leaders to get him home/tried by military court for desertion/pled guilty & fined/no prison time
CIA contractor/exposed NSA surveillance programs (Prism) in 2013/fled to Hong Kong to give classified docs to journalists/charged w/violating Espionage Act/currently in Russia
Dem NY Congressman (1999-2011)/convicted sex offender/sexting obscene pic of himself to minor/used name Carlos Danger/husband of Hillary Clinton confidante & staffer Huma Abedin
Iranian Pres from 2013-present/made nuclear deal w/Obama/had allowed more personal freedom & access to information/put women in govt positions
9 Sept 2013 scandal/lanes of G Washington Bridge connecting Ft Lee NJ to Manhattan were closed to cause traffic jams/NJ Gov Chris Christie was blamed
14 Dec 2012 shooting at this Newton, CT elementary school by Adam Lanza/killed 26 including 20 children/killed his mother that morning
12 March 2011/Japanese nuclear plant meltdown in 3 of 6 reactors/level 7 event/caused by a Tsunami from the Tōhoku earthquake
Missouri town devastated by EF5 tornado in 2011/over 160 deaths, 1150 injured, & $2.8 billion in damages/max width was 1 mile/deadliest US tornado since 1947
2012 Repub Pres nominee/lost to Obama/Massachusetts governor/ran Bain Capital/ran 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City/is Mormon/now Utah Senator
US Navy component of the Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC)/also called Task Force Blue or DEVGRU/worked w/CIA intel to kill Osama bin Laden in Operation Neptune Spear in 2011
18 yr old black man shot & killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson (part of St Louis) Missouri in 2014/led to massive destructive riots riots/Wilson was acquitted
Chinese global development strategy created in 2013/invest & develop infrastructure in 70 nations in Asia, Europe & Africa/based on Silk Road/push for Chinese dominance
Egyptian Pres from 2012-13/leader of Freedom & Justice Party/aligned w/Muslim Brotherhood/overthrown by military after 2013 protests/died in 2019
20 July 2012/name the Colorado city in which James Eagan Holmes killed 12 & injured 70 at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises
Flight 370 from this nation's airlines disappeared on 8 March 2014 somewhere over South China Sea/Flight 17 was shot down by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine on 17 July 2014
Civil rights activist/host of PoliticsNation on MSNBC since 2011/blamed by some for increased racial tension/Baptist minister/has girlfriend half his age
16 yr old Texas male who killed 4 & injured 9 in car wreck in 2013/was drunk & on drugs/lawyers used Affluenza defense to get lenient sentence (10 yrs probation)
2010/Court overturned part of McCain-Feingold Act/said govt cannot restrict political spending by corporations or labor unions b/c of free speech
Hispanic American known for shooting Trayvon Martin in Sanford FL in 2012/was neighborhood watch coordinator/claimed to act in self defense/very misleading media coverage
2012 landmark legislation of Obama/largest overhaul of US healthcare system since Medicare/Medicaid in 1965/covers pre-existing conditions/penalty for not being insured
Retired US Army General/CENTCOM commander (2008-10)/Director of CIA (2011-12)/resigned b/c of affair w/biographer Paula Broadwell/charged w/giving her classified info
2nd Obama AG/1st black female AG/told Comey to call Hillary email scandal a 'matter' instead of 'investigation'/met Bill Clinton on tarmac of Phoenix airport during investigation
Repub VP nominee for Romney in 2012/Speaker of the House (2015-2019)/Wisconsin representative since 1999/retired in 2019/known as a deficit hawk/wanted to privatize Social Security
44th Pres/1st black Pres/born in Honolulu/attended Occidental College & Columbia/community organizer in Chicago/Senator from Illinois/defeated McCain in 2008 & Romney in 2012

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