HCHS US History 17 (1970's) (Extreme)

Can you answer the following questions about US History?

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Unidentified man who hijacked Boeing 727 on 24 Nov 1971/got $200,000 in ransom/parachuted out midflight/was never identified or captured/FBI closed case in 2016
Famous US diplomat/Sec of State for Nixon & Ford/negotiated ceasefire in Vietnam/won 1973 Nobel Peace Prize/set up detente w/USSR & opened US relations w/China
1979 overthrow of the pro-Western Shah of Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini to establish Islamic Republic of Iran/Shah left in exile
37th Pres/VP for Eisenhower/lost to JFK in 1960/beat Humphrey in 1968/ended Vietnam War/visited China/founded EPA/resigned b/c of Watergate scandal
Covert (some illegal) projects of FBI/begun 1956 by Hoover/initially vs Comm Party USA/also MLK Jr, Black Panthers/shut down 1971 by Church Committee
Dem Pres nominee in 1972/Senator from S Dakota/WW2 pilot/became history prof/opposed Vietnam War/lost to Nixon in huge electoral landslide
US labor leader/Pres of Teamsters from 1957-71/convicted of bribery & jury tampering in 1964/involved w/organized crime/disappeared in 1975/body never found/declared dead in 1982
4 Nov 1979-20 Jan 1981/US embassy in Tehran captured by Islamic students/52 Americans held captive/Carter attempted rescue in failed Op Eagle Claw/topic of film Argo
1972-79 US-Soviet arms reduction negotiations/signed by Carter & Brezhnev/first treaty to realistically limit the number of nuclear weapons/banned new missile programs
1979/partial nuclear meltdown at power plant in Pennsylvania/pilot-operated relief valve got stuck open releasing reactor coolant/plant operators didn't recognize problem/level 5
National student activist organization founded at U Michigan in 1960/supported liberal left wing causes/dissolved in 1974
Name given to resignation of AG Richardson & his deputy Ruckelshaus who both refused to fire Cox when ordered to by Nixon/part of Watergate cover-up
Portion of Education Amendments of 1972/prohibited sex discrimination in federally funded education programs/allowed girls' sports to emerge
1973/Court ruled that a right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman's decision to have an abortion
1st openly gay person elected in California (1977)/was on San Francisco Board of Supervisors/he & Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White (former Supervisor) in 1978
7th crewed mission in Apollo program/failed attempt to land on moon/Jim Lovell commanded/oxygen tank explosion nearly killed them/aborted mission & returned to earth/1995 movie
1st female elected to the US Senate w/out her husband having previously served in Congress/daughter of Alf Landon/served in Senate for Kansas from 1978-1997/wife of Howard Baker
1975 Senate committee that investigated abuses by CIA, NSA, FBI, & IRS/controversial impact on US intelligence
Nickname given to anonymous source by Washington Post reporters/later identified as WM Felt Sr/provided info about how Nixon administration was involved in Watergate burglary
Special counsel appointed by Attorney General Richardson in May 1973 to investigate the scandal
NC Dem Senator/headed Senate Watergate investigation/helped bring down McCarthy/supporter of Jim Crow laws & civil liberties
1978/Upheld affirmative action, but gave the medical student, Bakke, admission to the college
1971 exchange US & Chinese ping-pong players in early 70's initiated by encounter between players Glenn Cowan & Zhuang Zedong at 1971 World Championships in Japan
4 May 1970/shooting of unarmed college students by members of Ohio National Guard/4 killed & 9 wounded/students were protesting US bombing of Cambodia
1974/Unanimous decision in which court ruled against sitting president's claim to be immune to judicial process/also voted against executive privilege to protect communications
21-28 Feb 1972 diplomatic event/Nixon traveled to this nation after 25 years w/no diplomatic communications/met Premier Zhou Enlai & Chairman Mao Zedong
1978 agreement negotiated by Carter between Egyptian Pres Sadat & Israeli PM Begin at US Pres retreat/Israel withdrew from Sinai Peninsula/Egypt respected Israeli sovereignty
Economic situation with high inflation, slow economic growth, & high unemployment/occurred in US & UK in 1970's
proposed March 1972/attempted to make women equal w/men/originally written by Alice Paul,Crystal Eastman/approved by 35 states/opposed by Phyllis Schlafly/failed June 30,1982
38th Pres/1st unelected president in US history/gave Nixon full pardon/gave amnesty to Vietnam draft dodgers/attempted assassination by Squeaky Fromme/US House member from Michigan
Nixon's VP until 1973 resignation for tax evasion & bribery scandal from his MD governorship
1979-89 conflict caused by Soviet invasion of Afghanistan/US-backed mujahideen fought successful guerrilla war/Soviets gave up/called Soviet Union's 'Vietnam'
Name of Washington DC hotel complex consisting of 5 buildings next to JFK Center for Performing Arts/used as DNC headquarters in early 1970's/scandal led Nixon to resign
Irish paramilitary organization/wanted elimination of Brit control of Northern Ireland/used terror attacks in 70's & 80's/ceased violent action in 1997
Cult leader of People's Temple/left US for Guyana w/followers/established Jonestown/murdered US Rep Leo Ryan & his delegation/committed mass suicide 1978 w/Kool-Aid laced w/cyanide
Oil cartel created in 1960 by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, & Venezuela/currently has 14 members/headquartered in Vienna/produced 44% of world's oil in 2018
1973 oil crisis/Arab OPEC members placed oil embargo on US for supporting Israel in Yom Kippur War/oil prices quadrupled/US imposed price controls/led to long lines at gas stations
39th Pres/in Navy nuclear submarine program/2002 Nobel Peace Prize/Georgia peanut farmer/Governor of Georgia (1970)/defeated Ford in 1976/pardoned Vietnam draft dodgers
1971/Upheld the newspaper's First Amendment rights to publish papers on the History of U.S. Decision-Making Process of Vietnam Policy
Leading figure of feminist movement in US/wrote 'The Feminine Mystique' in 1963/co-founded National Organization for Women (NOW)/served as Pres from 1966-70
1971 work by Saul Alinsky/provides methods for community organizers/advocates personal attacks
Solicitor General who fired Cox after Saturday Night Massacre/later nominated by Reagan for Supreme Court but not approved/name used to describe harsh attacks on potential judges
Murder of 1.5-2 million people by Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot between 1975-79/part of move toward communism/executions in Killing Fields
Term 1st applied to Henry Kissinger's efforts to end 1973 Yom Kippur War/refers to 3rd party who serves as intermediary between parties in dispute/parties in conflict don't meet
US community organizer/most well known for book Rules for Radicals/taught Hillary Clinton at Wellesley College/influenced Obama's community organizing in Chicago
Secret Dept of Defense study by Pentagon on US involvement in Vietnam/leaked by Daniel Ellsburg/made public by New York Times in 1971/fully declassified 2011
German term for system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations/Kissinger held this view
Iranian king installed by the US in 1953/final monarch of Iran/overthrown in 1979 by Iranian Revolution/modernized Iran/led White Revolution social, economic & political reforms
1975 agreement that recognized Soviet boundaries, guaranteed human rights, & attempted to ease Cold War tensions/signed by 35 nations
Constitutional amendment passed in 1971/lowered voting age to 18
30 Jan 1972/also called Bogside Massacre/Brit soldiers in Derry, Northern Ireland shot 28 unarmed civilians during protest march/investigated by Widgery Tribunal & Saville Inquiry
1973 law/required Pres to report troop commitments to Congress within 48 hrs/set 60 day limit on troop activity/must have Declaration of War by Congress to do more
Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran after 1979 Iranian Revolution/became Supreme Leader until death in 1989/issue fatwa calling for murder of Salmon Rushdie/called US 'Great Satan'
1974/Court ruled that desegregation couldn't require students to move across school-district lines

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