HCHS US History 14 (1940's) (Extreme)

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November, 1943/Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin/1st meeting of Big Three/plan final strategy vs. Germany/set date for Operation Overlord
US merchant ship torpedoed by German sub (U-69) on 21 May 1941/passengers & crew were allowed to escape on life boats
FDR's 2nd VP (1941-44)/founded Hi-Bred Corn Co/Sec of Ag (1933-41) under FDR/Sec of Commerce (1945-46)
Gen Sec of USSR (1922-52)/from nation of Georgia/initially studied to be priest/Socialism in One Country/5 Year Plans/Great Purge/killed millions of his own people
1948 segregationist party active in the South/founded after Truman integrated US military/ran Strom Thurmond for Pres in 1948/after election members returned to Dem Party
23-26 Oct 1944/largest naval battle of war (possible history)/fought near Luzon, Samar, & namesake island/consisted of 4 battles/about 367 ships/1st kamikaze attacks/Bull Halsey
Soviet spy ring in UK during WW2 into the 1950's/recruited from U of Cambridge in 30's/included Kim Philby
Communist Yugoslav leader/led Partisans in WW2 (most effective resistance movement in Europe)/leader of Non-Aligned Movement/broke from Soviets/ruled from 1943-80
January, 1943/Churchill, Roosevelt, de Gaulle, Giraud/planned Italian & cross-channel campaigns (in 1944)/also to unify French/set terms of 'unconditional surrender' to end War
US industrialist & shipbuilder/called 'Sir Launchalot'/his shipyards made a ship every 14 days during WW2/built Liberty (cargo) ships/built civic centers, roads & schools after WW2
July-August, 1945/Churchill, Stalin, Truman, Attlee/declaration for unconditional surrender of Japan/agreement for postwar policy for Germany
Code name for atomic bomb detonated over Nagasaki/plutonium based implosion type weapon w/wide round shape/also known as Mark III/dropped from Bockscar (B-29)
Socialist in labor movement/organized Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters/1st serious effort at labor union of Pullman Company
23 Oct-11 Nov 1942/decisive battle in N Africa campaign/ended Axis threat to Egypt/coincided w/but not part of Operation Torch/Alexander & Montgomery defeat Axis (Rommel not there)
Oct 1941 incident in which 4 US destroyers tried to defend Brit convoy from German U-boat wolfpack/ships were counterattacked by U-boats/sited in Hitler's declaration of war
16 Dec 1944-25 Jan 1945/final German offensive campaign/surprise attack/codename Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein/intended to cut off Allied supplies at Antwerp
US fleet admiral/commander of Pacific Fleet/submarine expert/influenced move to nuclear subs/signed Japanese surrender for US
Founded in 1948/created to enhance regional solidarity and cooperation among its member states/made of 35 independent nations in Americas
1944 work by Swedish economist Gunnat Midral/study of US race relations/detailed obstacles faced by blacks in US/cited in Brown vs Board case/had hope democracy would defeat racism
7 Dec 1941/Japanese surprise attack on US naval base in Hawaii/drew US into war/destroyed US battleships but carriers were out on maneuvers/planned by Yamamoto/FDR 'infamy' speech
1947 law/amended 1935 Natl Labor Relations Act/outlawed 'closed shops'/made union leaders take anti-communist oaths/made unions liable for damages from union conflicts
4-11 Feb 1945 conference in Crimea (code-named Argonaut Conference)/Churchill, FDR & Stalin set post-war peace/2nd of 3 major conferences
Iowa-class battleship/site where Hirohito surrendered on 2 September 1945 to MacArthur & Nimitz/now a museum at Pearl Harbor
Incorrect headline on front page of Chicago Tribune on 3 Nov 1948 that announced that Pres Truman had lost his bid for re-election
6 June 1944/invasion of Normandy by Allied forces/largest invasion fleet in history/troops landed at beaches named Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, & Sword
US non-interventionist group/opposed US entrance into WW2/published antisemitic, pro-fascist messages/dissolved 10 Dec 1941/included Charles Lindbergh, Potter Stewart, Gerald Ford
US general/placed 5th in 1912 Olympics in pentathalon/VMI & West Point/designed cavalry saber/N Africa & invasion of Sicily/led Third Army/slapped soldiers/famous speech
Japanese pilot crash landed on Hawaiian island after participating in Pearl Harbor/aided by locals of Japanese descent/led to distrust of Japanese Americans
March 1941 law/US supplied UK, Free French, China & USSR w/food, oil & arms including ships & planes in return for army & naval bases in Allied territory/over $50.1 billion given
1943 law/let federal govt seize & operate businesses threatened by strikes if interfering w/wartime production/used by FDR when EEOC ordered Philly Transportation Co to hire blacks
1946 law/created Council of Economic Advisers/made it govt policy to 'promote maximum employment, production, & purchasing power'
18 March 1942 executive order by FDR creating the War Relocation Authority (WRA)/agency was responsible for forced relocation of Japanese-Americans into internment camps
1944/Executive Order 9066, which ordered Japanese Americans into internment camps during World War II regardless of citizenship was ruled constitutional
Also called European Recovery Program/US initiative passed in 1948 to aid Western Europe in rebuilding after WW2/gave $12 billion/intent was to stop spread of communism
August 1941/8-point charter setting US & UK goals for after WW2/called for new League of Nations/no territorial changes contrary to natives' wishes/was not a legal document
3 Sept 1939-8 May 1945/longest continual campaign of WW2/Kriegsmarine (w/U-boats) vs Canadian, UK, & US navies/began w/German blockade of UK/ended w/Allied blockade of Germany
4-7 June 1942/US cryptographers broke Japan's JN-25b code/Nimitz defeated Yamamoto in most important Pacific battle/Japan lost 4 aircraft carriers/US lost 1 (Yorktown)
1947-1992 Department of Defense command/controlled fleet of Air Force nuclear-armed bombers & intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM's) during Cold War
2nd Japanese city to be attacked w/atomic bomb/bomb was named Fat Man/roughly 60,000 deaths
Code name for atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima/uranium-based gun-type fission weapon/development based on Thin Man design/dropped from Enola Gay by Col Tibbets
1942 program brought Mexican workers to US to provide farm labor during WW2/also allowed workers from Guam
US anthropologist/studied under Boas/taught Margaret Mead/wrote Patterns of Culture (1934), The Races of Mankind (anti-racist), & The Chrysanthemum & the Sword (1946)
US foreign policy whose stated purpose was to counter Soviet geopolitical expansion during the Cold War/announced on 29 March 1947/pledged to contain threats in Greece & Turkey
65-mile forced march of US & Flipino troops from namesake peninsula to POW camps/thousands died/starvation & brutality/those too weak to walk were bayoneted
1944 law/gave WW2 vets free college education, low-cost mortgages, low interest loans for businesses or farms, 1 yr of unemployment insurance/original law expired in 1956
Formed 332nd Fighter group & 477th Bomber group in WW2/nicknamed Red Tails b/c of markings on planes/encouraged by Eleanor Roosevelt/begun in 1941
4-8 May 1942/1st battle where aircraft carriers engaged each other & where neither side's ships fired directly at each other/1st stop to Japanese advance/tactical victory for Japan
Purpose of President Truman's Executive Order 9981/issued on 26 July 1946
1st Japanese city to be attacked w/atomic bomb/bomb was named Little Boy & was dropped from Enola Gay/roughly 100,000 deaths
Member of US Communist Party & Soviet spy in 20's-30's/broke w/Soviets in 1938/testified about Ware group in Alger Hiss case in 1948/Presidential Medal of Freedom from Reagan
1940 Republican nominee for Pres/favored intervention in WW2/lost badly/gave FDR vital political assistance in 1940 so he could aid UK
1940 conference in which the US joined orphaned colonies in Western hemisphere to provide collective security against belligerents (esp Germany)
Republican Gov of NY (1943-54)/ran for Pres but lost to FDR in 1944 (FDR's closest race) & to Truman in 1948/prosecuted Mafia in NYC including Lucky Luciano

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