HCHS/HCMS US History 13 (1929-1940) (Basic)

Can you answer the following questions about US History?

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Professional mining engineer known for humanitarian work after WW1/elected President in 1928/signed Smoot-Hawley Tariff/Pres at beginning of Great Depression
International summer games that took place in Germany under Adolf Hitler/filmed by Leni Riefenstahl (Olympia)/African American Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in track & field events
Formerly Bureau of Investigation (1935)/federal law enforcement agency/does domestic intelligence & security/reports to Attorney General & Director of National Intelligence
New Deal agency (1935-43)/spent $11 million to employ 8.5 million unskilled workers to work on buildings, bridges, roads, & parks/run by Harry Hopkins
1936-39 Spanish conflict/rebels (Nationalists) led by Francisco Franco overthrew 2nd Spanish Republic/Nazis & Italians supported Franco/USSR & Mexico supported govt
Diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an aggressive power in order to avoid conflict/used to describe 1938 Munich Agreement w/Hitler
March 1941 law/US supplied UK, Free French, China & USSR w/food, oil & arms including ships & planes in return for army & naval bases in Allied territory/over $50.1 billion given
October 29, 1929/panicked sellers traded nearly 16 million shares on New York Stock Exchange/considered beginning of Great Depression/followed London crash in Sept
Weak dynamite explosive charge went off near a Japanese railroad in Manchurian town/staged by Japanese military as pretext for their invasion of Manchuria in 1931
Federally owned corporation created 1933 under WPA/headed by Lilienthal/constructed dams on TN River to modernize & generate electricity/15,000 people displaced by construction
1930 tariff which sharply increased US tariffs on foreign goods/other countries responded likewise/contributed to & prolonged Great Depression
1933 law/gave Pres power to regulate wages & prices/created Public Works Administration & National Recovery Administration/ruled unconstitutional in Schechter Poultry v US (1935)
FDR's Secretary of Labor (1933-45)/1st female cabinet member/longest serving Sec of Labor/sociologist & workers rights advocate
1935 law/created pensions & for elderly, blind, handicapped, as well as unemployment insurance
FDR's closest adviser on foreign policy/was a social worker/Sec of Commerce under FDR/supervised Lend-Lease, WPA/architect of New Deal/traveled w/FDR to WW2 conferences
Socialist LA Senator nicknamed The Kingfish/'Share Our Wealth' program/slogan 'Every man a king'/Gov of LA (1928-32)/assassinated 1935/subject of All the King's Men novel
1933-44/longest serving Sec of State/won 1945 Nobel Peace Prize for establishing UN/pursued 'Good Neighbor' policy in Latin America/opposed US asylum for Jews during WW2
1933-42 work relief program for young men as part of New Deal/employed 3 million in unskilled manual labor/planted trees, fought fires, drained swamps,.../1st headed by Fechner
Gathering of 43,000 marchers (17,000 WW1 vets) in 1932 to DC to demand cash payment redemption of service certificates/disbanded by US troops under Douglas MacArthur
Series of programs, public work projects, financial reforms & regulations enacted by FDR between 1933-36/included CCC, WPA, Social Security, & NIRA (sometimes called Alphabet Soup)
Independent US Govt agency created by Securities Exchange Act of 1934/enforces securities laws & regulates securities industry & stock exchanges
Sept 1938 conference/UK & France gave Hitler Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia/PM Chamberlain quote 'Peace in Our Time'/
Series of 30 radio addresses to American people given by FDR/topics included Emergency Banking Act, New Deal initiatives, & info about WW2/improved public morale
August 1941/8-point charter setting US & UK goals for after WW2/called for new League of Nations/no territorial changes contrary to natives' wishes/was not a legal document
US cultural anthropologist/student of Franz Boas Ruth Benedict/wrote 'Coming of Age in Samoa' detailing attitudes toward sex in S Pacific/influenced 1960's sexual revolution
Future WW2 5 star general & commander in Pacific Theater/was US Army Chief of Staff in 1930's/Superintendent of West Point (1919-22)/disbanded Bonus Army
1935 law/guarantees the right of private sector employees to organize into trade unions, have collective bargaining, & strike/created National Labor Relations Board
President elected in 1932, 1936, 1940, & 1944/led US thru much of Great Depression & WW2/served as Gov of NY (1929-32)/Asst Sec of Navy (1913-20)/suffered from polio
US non-interventionist group/opposed US entrance into WW2/published antisemitic, pro-fascist messages/dissolved 10 Dec 1941/included Charles Lindbergh, Potter Stewart, Gerald Ford
Severe drought & dust storms in US Midwest (1934-40)/poor care of farmland contributed/led many 'Okies' to migrate to California in hope of work/14 April 1935 Black Sunday
FDR's foreign policy w/regard to Latin America/non-intervention in their domestic affairs/pulled US troops out of Nicaragua & Haiti/ended b/c of Cold War
Novel written by John Steinbeck in 1939/about Joad family during Dust Bowl/possible plagiarism from female author Sanora Babb
African American athlete/won 4 gold medals in track & field at 1936 Olympics/was claimed Hitler wouldn't shake his hand (not believed to be true)/wasn't invited to White House
14 Feb 1929 execution of 7 members of Bugs Moran's North Side Gang by 4 members of Capone's South Side Gang dressed as police officers/Capone's intent was to kill Moran but failed
1929-33/namesake doctrine (opposed Japanese expansion in Pacific)/Sec of War during WW2
June 1933 law/also called Banking Act of 1933/created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)/put some restrictions on bank speculation

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