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1935 law/guarantees the right of private sector employees to organize into trade unions, have collective bargaining, & strike/created National Labor Relations Board
Supreme Court justice formerly considered a conservative that began to vote w/ FDR in 1936 w/West Coast Hotel v Parrish/led Commission that investigated Pearl Harbor attack
1933 meeting of 66 nations that tried to fight the Great Depression/collapsed when FDR denounced currency stabilization
President elected in 1932, 1936, 1940, & 1944/led US thru much of Great Depression & WW2/served as Gov of NY (1929-32)/Asst Sec of Navy (1913-20)/suffered from polio
1933 law/ensured that buyers of securities (eg stocks, bonds) receive complete and accurate information before they invest in them/made companies liable for inaccurate information
1933-44/longest serving Sec of State/won 1945 Nobel Peace Prize for establishing UN/pursued 'Good Neighbor' policy in Latin America/opposed US asylum for Jews during WW2
New Deal agency/spent $4 billion on 34,000 major projects (eg dams, bridges, hospitals)/headed by Interior Sec. Harold Ickes/shut down in 1944/not as controversial as Hopkins' WPA
1934 law/said Philippines would receive independence after 10 year transition period/also called Philippine Independence Act
Policy behind Neutrality Act of 1939/allowed US to sell military good to UK & France as long as they paid immediately in cash & transported on their own ships
1938 law/set up minimum wage/required time & a half pay for overtime (over 40 hrs/wk)/forbade most employment of minors (esp factory child labor)
House Committee established in 1938 to investigate disloyalty & subversice activities by US citizens/focused on those w/communist ties/Yellow Report supported Japanese internment
Liberal Republican KS governor who opposed FDR in 1936 election/lost 523-8 winning only 2 states/never ran for office again/died at 100 in 1987
New Deal job creation program/lasted thru winter of 1933-34/unskilled construction jobs/replaced by Works Progress Administration after complaints that most jobs were boondoggles
Govt sponsored corporation created in 1933 under as part of New Deal/allowed people to refinanced mortgages on non-farm homes to prevent foreclosures
Series of programs, public work projects, financial reforms & regulations enacted by FDR between 1933-36/included CCC, WPA, Social Security, & NIRA (sometimes called Alphabet Soup)
Shanty town built during Great Depression/named for 31st President/housed hundreds of thousands of impoverished Americans/coined by DNC publicity chief Charles Michelson
Federally owned corporation created 1933 under WPA/headed by Lilienthal/constructed dams on TN River to modernize & generate electricity/15,000 people displaced by construction
New Deal agency created by the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 to implement the law
1939 law/barred executive branch employees from engaging in some political activity b/c Dems using WPA jobs to get political advantage/high policy-makers, VP, & Pres were exempt
Group of academics (initially Columbia law profs, later Harvard law profs too) that advised FDR on policies for New Deal/included Felix Frankfurter (later Supreme Court justice)
1935 law/created pensions & for elderly, blind, handicapped, as well as unemployment insurance
Sept 1938 conference/UK & France gave Hitler Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia/PM Chamberlain quote 'Peace in Our Time'/
Weak dynamite explosive charge went off near a Japanese railroad in Manchurian town/staged by Japanese military as pretext for their invasion of Manchuria in 1931
International summer games that took place in Germany under Adolf Hitler/filmed by Leni Riefenstahl (Olympia)/African American Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in track & field events
4 laws passed from 1935-39/embargo on arms sales to belligerent nations/US ships couldn't transport people or items to belligerents/later allowed cash-and-carry sales to UK-France
Dictator of Dominican Republic from 1930-61/killed thousands including Haitians/1937 Parsley Massacre/assassinated by military leaders
5 Oct 1937 speech by FDR in Chicago/called for international quarantine of aggressive nations through economic embargoes
Gathering of 43,000 marchers (17,000 WW1 vets) in 1932 to DC to demand cash payment redemption of service certificates/disbanded by US troops under Douglas MacArthur
1930 agreement between UK, US, France, Japan, & Italy/sought to address loophole in Washington Naval Treaty regarding submarine warfare/was largely ineffective
Formerly Bureau of Investigation (1935)/federal law enforcement agency/does domestic intelligence & security/reports to Attorney General & Director of National Intelligence
Independent US govt agency/enforces labor laws relating to collective bargaining & unfair labor practices/supervises elections for labor union representatives
1933 law/gave Pres power to regulate wages & prices/created Public Works Administration & National Recovery Administration/ruled unconstitutional in Schechter Poultry v US (1935)
Severe drought & dust storms in US Midwest (1934-40)/poor care of farmland contributed/led many 'Okies' to migrate to California in hope of work/14 April 1935 Black Sunday
12 Dec 1937 Japanese attack on US gunboat anchored in Yangtze River outside Nanking/Japanese claimed they didn't see US flags on deck/they apologized & paid indemnity to avoid war
Future WW2 5 star general & commander in Pacific Theater/was US Army Chief of Staff in 1930's/Superintendent of West Point (1919-22)/disbanded Bonus Army
June 1933 law/also called Banking Act of 1933/created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)/put some restrictions on bank speculation
US cultural anthropologist/student of Franz Boas Ruth Benedict/wrote 'Coming of Age in Samoa' detailing attitudes toward sex in S Pacific/influenced 1960's sexual revolution
1st portion of FDR's 1st term/more legislative activity in this time than under any previous president/still used as benchmark for beginning of a President's term
Socialist LA Senator nicknamed The Kingfish/'Share Our Wealth' program/slogan 'Every man a king'/Gov of LA (1928-32)/assassinated 1935/subject of All the King's Men novel
1936-39 Spanish conflict/rebels (Nationalists) led by Francisco Franco overthrew 2nd Spanish Republic/Nazis & Italians supported Franco/USSR & Mexico supported govt
Press nickname for 3 liberal justices who supported FDR's New Deal legislation/Brandeis, Cardozo, & Harlan Stone/they were often joined by Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes
Alternate name for the National Labor Relations Act of 1935
1939 law/allowed UK & France to buy arms from the US in cash & transport them in their own ships
Press nickname for 4 conservative Supreme Court justices who opposed FDR's New Deal legislation from 1932-37/Butler, Reynolds, Sutherland, & Van Devanter
1934 law/gave Pres ability to negotiate lower tariffs w/other countries (esp Latin America) as long as they lowered their tariffs on us/led to increase in global trade
FDR's foreign policy w/regard to Latin America/non-intervention in their domestic affairs/pulled US troops out of Nicaragua & Haiti/ended b/c of Cold War
Federal agency created in 1933/headed by Harry Hopkins/gave grants to states to fund public works projects/created & oversaw the Civil Works Administration/replaced in 1935 by WPA
Detroit Catholic priest/Natl Shrine of Little Flower/1st to use radio to reach masses/initially supported FDR/forced off air in 1939 for profascist antisemitic views/Social Justice
1935-39 program providing work & education for young men & women from 16-25 yrs old thru work study jobs at their schools/headed by Aubrey Willis Williams
1939 document that formalized the alliance between Germany & Italy
1934 law/also called Wheeler-Howard Act & Indian New Deal/encouraged Native Americans to keep traditions & not assimilate/gave Indians management of their tribal assets
1st woman elected to serve full term in US Senate/elected 1932 from Arkansas/was supported by Huey Long in Democrat primary/1st appointed to Senate upon death of husband in 1931
Covert group of Communist Party USA operatives working in US govt in 1930's/named for 1st leader/later led by Whittaker Chambers/members included Alger Hiss
Name for 1936 alliance between Nazi Germany under Hitler and Fascist Italy under Mussolini
Series of 30 radio addresses to American people given by FDR/topics included Emergency Banking Act, New Deal initiatives, & info about WW2/improved public morale
1933-42 work relief program for young men as part of New Deal/employed 3 million in unskilled manual labor/planted trees, fought fires, drained swamps,.../1st headed by Fechner
Name for severe dust storm on 14 April 1935 in Midwest/displaced 300 million tons of topsoil/went from Oklahoma Panhandle to Texas Panhandle
1932-45 puppet state of Japanese Empire set up in Manchuria after it was taken from China/set up as constitutional monarchy but under de facto rule of Japan
1930 tariff which sharply increased US tariffs on foreign goods/other countries responded likewise/contributed to & prolonged Great Depression
30 May 1937/Chicago police fired on unarmed strikers marching at Little Steel plant killing 10 & injuring 37/no police were prosecuted/film footage of event was suppressed/
27 year-old leader of the Untouchables/Prohibition agent/busted Capone breweries/led to Capone's indictment for violating Volstead Act though he went to jail for income tax evasion
African American athlete/won 4 gold medals in track & field at 1936 Olympics/was claimed Hitler wouldn't shake his hand (not believed to be true)/wasn't invited to White House
Novel written by John Steinbeck in 1939/about Joad family during Dust Bowl/possible plagiarism from female author Sanora Babb
FDR's first VP (1933-41)/called Cactus Jack/Speaker of the House from Texas/ran against FDR in 1932 & 1940 primaries/opposed Court packing scheme
1934 law/forbade countries that owed the US money (usually from WW1) from borrowing any more
Bill supported by FDR that would add a new Supreme Court justice every time an existing justice reached 70 yrs old but didn't retire/opposed by both parties
New Deal agency created by NIRA to eliminate 'cut-throat competition'/brought industry, workers & govt together to set minimum wages, worker hours, & minimum prices/Blue Eagle logo
New Deal agency (1935-43)/spent $11 million to employ 8.5 million unskilled workers to work on buildings, bridges, roads, & parks/run by Harry Hopkins
Proposed constitutional amendment from 1935-40/called for national referendum on any declaration of war by Congress unless US was attacked first/
FDR's closest adviser on foreign policy/was a social worker/Sec of Commerce under FDR/supervised Lend-Lease, WPA/architect of New Deal/traveled w/FDR to WW2 conferences
1933 law/sought to boost agricultural prices by reducing surpluses/govt bought livestock to slaughter/paid farmers to NOT grow food/ruled unconstitutional by Supreme Court in 1936
1934-36/US Senate committee formed to investigate financial & banking interests w/munitions factories & their involvement in WW1/led to public feeling for isolationism as WW2 began
Diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an aggressive power in order to avoid conflict/used to describe 1938 Munich Agreement w/Hitler
1935 program providing federal loans to install electrical distribution systems to rural areas/still in effect/amended several times/currently providing broadband internet
FDR's Secretary of Labor (1933-45)/1st female cabinet member/longest serving Sec of Labor/sociologist & workers rights advocate
1939 law/gave Pres ability to hire addition Executive assistants/also allowed for limited reorganization of Executive branch w/Congressional approval
1933 law/signed 3 days after FDR closed banks/allowed the 12 Federal Reserve Banks to issue additional money so banks could meet withdrawal requests/restored people's confidence
US physician who proposed that each person over 60 be given $200 a month/his plan sparked namesake clubs thru US/led to passage of Social Security Act of 1935
Independent US Govt agency created by Securities Exchange Act of 1934/enforces securities laws & regulates securities industry & stock exchanges
Religious group founded in Detroit in 1930 by Fard Muhammed/believed blacks were original humans & whites were devils created by scientist Yakub
Foreign policy named for Hoover's Sec of State stating US won't recognize states created as result of aggression/implemented 1932 when Japan took Manchuria from China (Manchukuo)
26 Jan 1938/US consul John Allison was struck in face by Japanese soldier in Nanjing/Japanese Consul-General apologized/set US public opinion against Japan

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