HCHS US History 12 (1920's) (Extreme)

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1921-23 scandal under Harding/Sec of Interior Albert Fall leased Navy oil reserves to private companies cheap w/out competitive bidding/1st cabinet member to go to prison
31st President/after WW1 led American Relief Administration & US Food Administration/Sec of Commerce under Harding & Coolidge/called Wonder Boy by Coolidge
1932 law/inspired by 1932 kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh's son/allowed FBI to pursue kidnappers across state lines/death penalty for some cases of interstate abduction
Chicago mob boss, aka 'Scarface'/responsible for St Valentine's Day Massacre/caught on tax evasion in 1931/large bootlegging operation/busted by Eliot Ness & the Untouchables
US founder of pragmatism & functional psychology/worked at U Chicago/educational reformer/wrote Democracy & Education, Experience & Education, and Education & Social Progress
1st US voice-carrying radio station that began on 2 Nov 1920 when it announced Harding was president-elect
US journalist/called Bad Boy of Baltimore/satirical coverage of Scopes trial earned publicity/wrote The American Language/founded American Mercury/opposed WW1 & WW2
Leader of US birth-control movement/supporter of eugenics/founded American Birth Control League which later became Planned Parenthood
1920 law/returned control of railroads to private companies after WW1/still had heavy regulation/mandated that Interstate Commerce Commission ensured they were profitable
System of immigration quotas used from 1921-65/created by limits introduced by Emergency Quota Act of 1921
Most destructive river flood in history of US/27,000 sq miles flooded up to 30 ft deep/govt built many levees afterward/influenced Great Migration
1923/Supreme Court reversed its Muller vs. Oregon decision/said minimum wage for women was unconstitutional/overturned in 1937 by West Coast Hotel vs Parrish
1st female aviator to solo cross Atlantic (1928)/best-selling author/helped found The Ninety-Nines (female pilot organization)/disappeared 1937 crossing Pacific near Howland Island
Organization founded in 1921 by Margaret Sanger in NYC/promoted founding of birth control clinics/sought to work w/govt to promote eugenics/became Planned Parenthood in 1942
October 29, 1929/panicked sellers traded nearly 16 million shares on New York Stock Exchange/considered beginning of Great Depression/followed London crash in Sept
1st director of FBI/led Bureau of Investigation from 1924-35/led FBI from 1935-72/known for abuse of power/secret files on political leaders/had dirt on sitting Presidents
Professional mining engineer known for humanitarian work after WW1/elected President in 1928/signed Smoot-Hawley Tariff/Pres at beginning of Great Depression
Was a leader of Harlem Renaissance/famous for The Weary Blues (1926) & other jazz poetry
Also called Railway Shopmen's Strike/lasted from July-August 1922 by 7 railroad labor organizations/at least 10 people killed/largest railroad stoppage since Pullman Strike of 1894
4 volume set of antisemitic pamphlets published in early 1920's by Henry Ford/stories were chosen from Ford's The Dearborn Independent newspaper/called them 'Jewish menace'
1st proposed 1923/attempted to make women equal w/men/originally written by Alice Paul,Crystal Eastman/approved by 35 states/opposed by Phyllis Schlafly/failed June 30,1982
30th President/called Silent Cal/Governor of MA during Boston Police Strike/VP under Harding/small govt conservative
US industrialist/Sec of Treasury under Harding, Coolidge, & Hoover/cut taxes & encouraged business/gave art collection to found National Gallery of Art in DC/Carnegie-Mellon Univ
1929-33/namesake doctrine (opposed Japanese expansion in Pacific)/Sec of War during WW2
US Air Mail pilot/1st person to fly solo across Atlantic in 1927/flew from NYC to Paris in the Spirit of St Louis in 33.5 hours
Philosophical application of theory of evolution to human individuals & societies/advocated by Herbert Spencer/used to justify capitalism, socialism, imperialism, eugenics,...
Wealthy U Chicago students/kidnapped & murdered 14 yr old Bobby Franks/thought they committed 'perfect crime'/believed in their intellectual superiority/defended by Darrow
1921 law/immigrants restricted by quota to 3% of the number of people from that country living in US as of 1910 census/intended to keep Eastern European Jews out
102 story Art Deco skyscraper in NYC/completed in 1931/world's tallest building for 40 yrs until World Trade Center in 1970/in King Kong film
1920's black intellectual, social, and artistic explosion centered in Harlem, NY/called New Negro Movement at the time
1924 plan that successfully resolved issue of WW1 German reparations/provided for end to Allied occupation & staggered repayment plan/namesake won 1925 Nobel Peace Prize
14 Feb 1929 execution of 7 members of Bugs Moran's North Side Gang by 4 members of Capone's South Side Gang dressed as police officers/Capone's intent was to kill Moran but failed
4-term Gov of New York/1928 Democratic nominee for President/leader of Efficiency Movement/linked to Tammany Hall but never accused of corruption
1929 plan that replaced Dawes plan to settle German reparations for WW1/reduced payments by 20%
Italian-American anarchists convicted of murder in 1920/jury believed to have been influenced by Anti-Italian bias/protests around the world/executed in 1927
1920 law/regulated maritime commerce in US waters & ports/increased size of merchant marine/authorized US Shipping Board to sell ships cheaply to reduce size of US Navy
Dayton, TN, high school teacher charged with teaching evolution in violation of the Butler Act
1927 film/1st 'talkie' (movie with sound)/starred Al Jolson who played Jackie Rabinowitz, a Jewish young man who rejects traditions to play music
Jamaican political leader/founded Universal Negro Improvement Assoc & African Communities League/founded Black Star Line to return blacks to Africa/advocated racial separation
1st woman to serve in US Senate/served only 1 day in 1922/honorary appointment by Georgia Governor/strong feminist but horrible racist/spoke in favor of lynching
Black physician (w/10 others) charged w/murder for killing white man when crowd attacked for moving into white neighborhood/charges dismissed/Darrow defended
Phrase used for the 1932 kidnapping of eldest son of Charles Lindbergh by Bruno Hauptmann/20 month old child was found dead 2 months after kidnapping
Acronym for what the KKK supported in 1920's (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)
1928 international agreement to outlaw war/authored by US Sec of State & French foreign minister/titled General Treaty for Renunciation of War as an Instrument of National Policy
Govt agency responsible for administration of US army overseas & allies' food reserves during WW1/succeeded by American Relief Administration/headed by Hoover
NY socialist/ran for Pres as Socialist Party candidate 6 consecutive times starting in 1928/wrote Is Conscience a Crime? & Socialism Re-examined
Brit polymath/coined 'eugenics' & 'nature vs nurture'/1st weather map/method for using fingerprints by police/Hereditary Genius/created correlation in statistics & psychometrics
1924 law also called Asian Exclusion Act/cut immigration quota to 2% of the people of a nationality in the US as of 1890/banned all immigration from Asia
Ford's famous Dearborn MI car factory/completed 1928/produced a finished automobile every 10 seconds/employed 100,000 even during Great Depression/model for Diego Rivera's murals
US industrialist/namesake Motor Company/invented the Model T (1st car middle class could afford)/paid high wages/anti-semitic & influenced Nazis
Group of actors, writers, & others who met each day at namesake hotel in NYC from 1919-1929/engaged in witty wordplays & wisecracks/included Robert Sherwood & George Kaufman
29th President (1921-23)/died in office from heart attack/ran Front Porch Campaign/Return to Normalcy slogan/Pres during Teapot Dome Scandal
Term for illegal business of transporting (smuggling) alcoholic beverages where such transportation is forbidden by law/major business for organized crime during Prohibition
26 May 1937 incident/Walter Reuther & members of United Auto Workers (UAW) fought w/Ford Motor Company security guards at River Rouge Complex/released photos hurt Ford
(1880-1969)/helped found Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)/took miners out of CIO & into AFL/president of United Mine Workers (1920-60)/isolationist in WW2
1925 trial of Dayton TN substitute teacher for breaking 1922 Butler Act which outlawed teaching of evolution/dramatized in 'Inherit the Wind'/found guilty/fined $100 but overturned
Lithuanian Jewish immigrant/leading anarchist/attempted to assassinate Henry Clay Frick w/lover Berkman/deported to Russia under Espionage Act
Nonprofit organization founded in 1920 to defend & preserve individual rights/members included Darrow & Helen Keller
ACLU attorney for Scopes, Leopold & Loeb, and Ossian Sweet/made fool of William Jennings Bryan (prosecutor) at Scopes trial
Name for young Western women that embraced the culture of the Roaring 20s (short skirts, bobbed hair, Jazz music, rejected societal norms on drinking, sex,...)
1924 law that granted certificates to men who served in WW1 that could be redeemed for cash in 1945
1925 nonfiction work by Bruce Barton/presented Jesus Christ as Founder of Modern Business/intended to evangelize US businessmen/one of best-selling nonfiction works of 20th century
Social movement popular in early 20th century which sought to improve genetic features of humans thru selective breeding & sterilization of those w/mental or physical disabilities
Nov 1921-Feb 1922 disarmament conference/called by Harding/run by Sec of State Hughes/limited naval capacity between participating nations/included 9 nations (US, UK, Japan,...)

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