HCHS US History 11 (1910's) (Extreme)

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1916 law/granted full territorial status to Philippines/promised independence when stable govt was established/replaced by 1934 Tydings-McDuffie Act
1917 US law/empowered Federal Government to begin drafting men to raise army for WW1/cancelled at end of War
1912-13 Congressional subcommittee/investigated 'money trust' (Wall Street bankers)/findings inspired support for 16th Amendment, Federal Reserve Act, & Clayton Antitrust Act
Group of women protesting in front of White House for women's suffrage/began Jan 1917 until 1919 passage of 19th Amendment/many were harassed & arrested
John D Rockefeller's oil company/one of 1st & largest multinational corporations/monopoly w/horizontal & vertical integration/dissolved into 34 companies by Supreme Court in 1911
Archduke (& wife Sophie) assassinated in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914/led to Austria-Hungary's invasion of Serbia which led to WWI
Island group in Lesser Antilles east of Puerto Rico/bought by Woodrow Wilson in 1917 from Denmark/includes St Croix, St John, & St Thomas
Resurgence of this white supremacist organization began in 1915 in Georgia after release of The Birth of a Nation film/white sheets, burned crosses/also anti-Catholic & Jew
Charitable foundation founded in 1913 by wealthy US family/supported good & bad projects/massive health care program that eliminated hookworm, malaria, & yellow fever in US
Brit ocean liner sunk by Germany in August 1915/killed 3 Americans, 44 total/caused Germany to agree to not sink unarmed ships without warnings
1917-20 period fear of communism & anarchism in US/under Attorney General Palmer suspects suffered illegal arrests, search & seizures, & deportations/opposed organized labor
1919 law also called National Prohibition Act/provided for enforcement of the 18th Amendment/was voided by the 21st Amendment in 1933
1915 film by DW Griffith/glorified KKK during Reconstruction as heroic/went from assassination of Lincoln thru Reconstruction/longest movie up to that time/starred Lillian Gish
Brit ship used as English Channel passenger ferry/severely damaged by German U-boat attack in March 1916/50 killed/led to German commitment to not target passenger vessels
1915 law/required good treatment of & improved living & working conditions for America's merchant sailors/sent merchant freight rates soaring
American Indian athlete/won Gold medals in 1912 for pentathlon & decathlon: medals were taken away b/c he had played pro baseball/played pro baseball, football, & basketball
Constitutional amendment/ratified 1919/outlawed production, transport & sale of intoxicating liquors/didn't outlaw consumption/enforced by Volstead Act/repealed by 21st Amendment
1913 tariff under Wilson/lowered rates to from 40% to 26%/implemented graduated income tax/began shift of govt income from tariffs to income taxes
US socialite & philanthropist/helped people get to lifeboats on Titanic/tried to get Lifeboat No 6 to return & look for survivors/Quartermaster Hichens refused
31 May 1916/only major naval battle of WW1/Brit Jellicoe defeated German Scheer/Brits kept control of North Sea/German navy stayed in port for rest of War/250 ships & 100,000 men
Progressive US Pres/elected on slogan 'He kept us out of the war'/had been Pres of Princeton University & Gov of New Jersey/had Fourteen Points plan for peace w/League of Nations
Organization of US war veterans/founded 1919 in Paris/advocated for GI Bill/lobbies for veterans in DC/headquartered in Indianapolis/promotes Americanism & citizenship
1918 law also called Dillingham-Hardwick Act/enables govt to deport immigrants w/anarchist, communist, or organized labor ties
1916 law/established 8 hour workday w/overtime pay for interstate railroad workers
Secret diplomatic communication from Germans to Mexico in 1917 proposing an alliance/decrypted by Brits/named for German Foreign Secretary who admitted it was genuine/outraged US
US Army physician in Cuba during Spanish-American war who discovered that Yellow Fever was transmitted by mosquitos/several hospitals named for him including 1 in Washington DC
1917 law/prohibited interference w/military ops & recruitment during WW1/amended many times/challenged in Schenk vs US/used to charge Debs, Goldman, Rosenbergs, Assange, Snowden
1916 law/also called Workingmen's Compensation Act/granted compensation to federal civil service employees for wages lost due to job-related injuries
1913 law/created Federal Reserve Board, 12 regional reserve districts, & power to issue paper money
Deadliest pandemic in history/fall 1918 to summer 1919/killed more people than WW1/killed 20-50 million world-wide
Taft foreign policy formally stated in 1912/use of economic power to influence nations by guaranteeing loans made to foreign countries/especially Latin America & East Asia
Secret Serbian nationalist & terrorist organization w/members in army & gov't/leader Apis planned assassination of Archduke but called it off
CA governor & senator/regulated railroads & trusts/was 1st Progressive then Liberal Isolationist Republican/ran as T Roosevelt's VP in 1912/opposed WW1 & League of Nations/pro-FDR
Bosnian Serb nationalist & member of Young Bosnia/assassinated Franz Ferdinand/was only 19 years old/worked w/Black Hand toward the assassination
1914 collection of essays by Louis Brandeis/exposed conflicts of interests by bankers who invest money in corporations while sitting on board of same corporations
Series of raids in Nov 1919 & Jan 1920 by Wilson's Justice Dept under namesake Attorney General/focused on Italian & Eastern European immigrants w/communist ties/10,000 arrested
US territory in Caribbean purchased from Denmark in 1917 for $25 million/includes St Croix, St John, St Thomas & others
1878-1923/Mex Revolution leader in North/Governor of Chihuahua/defeated Huerta/served Carranza/then allied w/Zapata against him/chased by Pershing after Battle of Columbus (1916)
US commander of American Expeditionary Force in WW1/led buffalo soldiers in West/fought at San Juan Hill/led expedition to Mexico to catch Pancho Villa/called Black Jack
1914 law/added to Sherman Antitrust Act/set limits on mergers & on additional anti-competitive practices /exempted labor unions & legalized strikes
1880-1968/deaf-blind woman/subject of The Miracle Worker drama/wrote The Story of My Life (autobio)/active socialist & suffragette/helped found ACLU in 1920
Author of novels The Financier (1912) and sequel The Titan (1914) to attack profiteers
1st Jew on Supreme Court/born in Louisville, KY/as lawyer fought for right to privacy/represented Oregon in Muller v Oregon w/namesake 'Brief'/opposed big business & banks
American socialist arrested in 1918 for speech denouncing American participation in WWI/ran for Pres as socialist candidate 5 times/in prison last time/10-year prison term commuted
US Cabinet Dept created in 1913 from Dept of Commerce & Labor/promotes economic growth/gathers economic & demographic data for business & govt/sets industrial standards
US Cabinet Dept created in 1913 from Dept of Commerce & Labor/responsible for occupational safety, wage & hour standards, unemployment insurance/promotes well-being of US workers
May 1916 German promise to not sink passenger ships or unarmed merchant vessels/armed vessel sunk only if passengers removed/appeased US anger & kept US out of War
Briefly world's biggest ship/launched by Cunard Line in 1907/sunk by German U-boat in 1915 killing 1198 total, 128 Americans/influenced US decision to enter War
Political organization founded in 1916 by Alice Paul/campaigned for 19th Amendment/Silent Sentinels vigil outside White House/after 19th Amendment fought for Equal Rights Amendment
Brit passenger liner/sunk in 1912 on 1st voyage (Southampton to New York)/1500 of 2224 died/largest ship in world at time/Capt Edward Smith went down w/ship/Carpathia rescued 705
Massive strike by steel workers after WW1/shut down half of US steel industry/public opinion turned against them during 1st Red Scare/lasted about 3.5 months
1916 law/permitted banks to give loans to farmers using their crops in Federal storage units as collateral
WI governor & senator/fought trusts/ran for Pres as Progressive in 1924/took WI & 17% of nat'l vote/opponent of WW1 & League of Nations/ranked among top most important Senators
6-12 Sept battle/1st major conflict/halted German invasion of France/Paris taxis carried troops to the front
1st U.S. congresswoman (Montana 1916 & 1940)/voted against WW1 & was only member of Congress to vote against WW2/pacifist supporter of women's rights/introduced 19th Amendment
1850-1916/Mexican general under Diaz/became officer under Madero/led coup (Ten Tragic Days) which deposed & executed Madero/fled to Europe after 17 months as President/The Jackal
Independent agency of US govt created in 1914 to promote consumer protections & prevent monopolies/absorbed Bureau of Corporations
Ruler of Germany from 1888-1918/called Supreme War Lord during WW1/broke w/Bismarck in 1890 & set New Course/built strong navy
Year the Panama Canal opened
Statement of principles for peace made on 8 Jan 1918 by Pres Wilson to Congress/French, Brits, & Italians were skeptical/sought creation of League of Nations
25 March 1911 fire in this company's garment factory killed 145 workers (nearly all teenage immigrant girls)/led to reforms in child labor & safety regulations
American relief mission to Europe & later post-revolutionary Russia after WW1/founded 1919/headed by Hoover/succeeded US Food Administration/budget of $100 million from Congress
Feb-Dec 1916/longest battle of WW1/over 1 million casualties/Falkenhayn's goal was to take French lives/fought over Forts Douaumont & Vaux/Germans called off after taking them
Movement of African Americans from rural South to urban Northeast, Midwest, & West between 1916-1970
Major League Baseball scandal/Chicago White Sox threw 1919 World Series vs Reds/wanted revenge on owner Comiskey/all 8 players banned from baseball including Shoeless Joe Jackson
1916 law/made credit available to farmers at low interest rates/created federal farm loan board, 12 regional farm loan banks, & several farm loan associations
NY governor that investigated gas & insurance company malpractices/lost to Wilson in the 1916 Presidential Election 277-254/11th Chief Justice/Sec of State under Harding
Failed Allied campaign to take Dardanelles Ottomans/sponsored by Churchill/led to establishment of Republic of Turkey & rise of Kemal Ataturk who commanded there
July-Nov, 1916/Allied offensive by Brit Haig/estimated 1.5 million casualties/57,000 Brit casualties on 1st day/no breakthrough for Allies/1st use of British tanks

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