HCHS US History 10 (1898-1909) (Extreme)

Can you answer the following questions about US History?

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T Roosevelt's domestic program/3 C's:consumer protection, control corporations, conservation of natural resources/highlights: Hepburn & Pure Food and Drug Acts
1905/Struck down a law that limited bakers to a 60 hour work week
1898 conflict between US & Spain/sinking of USS Maine led to intervention in Cuban War of Independence/US acquired Spanish possessions of Puerto Rico, Guam, & Philippine
1906 law under T Roosevelt/gave Interstate Commerce Commission power to set max railroad rates/allowed ICC to proscribe uniform system of accounting
1903 treaty US-Panama Treaty that gave a 6x10 mile zone of land to US for $15 million for construction of Panama Canal
1908 law that established National Monetary Commission which recommended the Federal Reserve Act & let national banks issue emergency currency backed by various kinds of collateral
Dispute between US Forest Service Chief & US Sec of the Interior that led to split in Repub party before 1912 election/led to Roosevelt starting Progressive (Bull Moose) party
1906 law under T Roosevelt/led to creation of Food & Drug Administration/tried to prevent adulteration & mislabeling of foods and pharmaceuticals
US train & bank robber/leader of Wild Bunch gang in Old West/fled to Argentina w/Sundance Kid under pressure from Pinkertons/believed killed in Bolivia in 1908 in shootout w/police
1st African-American to earn doctorate from Harvard/leader of Niagra Movement/co-founder of NAACP/anti-Atlanta Compromise/talented tenth/Black Reconstruction in America/Pan-African
1898 amendment to joint resolution of Congress/said that US kicked Spain out of Cuba, it would give Cuba independence & not colonize it
1901 amendment to Army Appropriations Bill/gave 7 conditions for withdrawal of US troops from Cuba/gave US dominance in relationship/led to acquisition of Guantanamo Bay
1894 muckraking work by Henry Demarest Lloyd to expose the corruption of the Standard Oil Company
Year of Hawaii's annexation
Nickname for members of the International Workers of the World labor union
Spanish navy commander whose forces were defeated on 3 July 1898 in Battle of Santiago de Cuba/effectively ended Spanish-American War & granted independence to Cuba
1903 law under T Roosevelt/gave Interstate Commerce Commission ability to impose heavy fines on railroads that offered rebates to livestock & petroleum industries
1st US Volunteer Cavalry unit/group of volunteer cowboys, Indians, and college athletes led by Col. Leonard Wood and Teddy Roosevelt/famed charge up San Juan Hill (July 1898)
1906 exposé of the horrific working conditions of child laborers by socialist muckraker John Spargo
1908/Upheld the law that limited the length of the workday for women in factories and laundries to ten hours a day
US automaking pioneer/created modern assembly line before Ford to build 1st mass-produced car (Oldsmobile Curved Dash) in 1901
Born a slave (1856)/dominant African-American leader from 1890-1915/proposed Atlanta compromise/advised T. Roosevelt & Taft/established Tuskegee Institute/Up from Slavery (autobio)
US general who fought in Cuba & led forces that took Puerto Rico/became governor of island/last Commanding General of the United States Army
Journalists/writers who exposed the corruption of trusts, mental asylums, and other places where people were ill treated or abused
Nicknamed Galveston Giant/1st African American world heavyweight boxing champion (1908-1915)/defeated James Jeffries in 'Fight of the Century'
Railroad trust created from 3 companies by JP Morgan & others in 1901/sued by Dept of Justice under Sherman Antitrust Act/govt won case/Supreme Court dissolved it in 1904
Author of The Influence of Sea Power Upon History/influential history of naval warfare/said great powers must have great navies/moved US toward naval supremacy
1904 collection of articles for McClure's Magazine by Lincoln Steffens/reported on corrupt political machines in US cities/contains Tweed Days in St. Louis
1899-1902 conflict between US & Filipino nationalists under Aguinaldo/Battle of Manila/more than 200,000 civilians died from famine & disease/ended w/capture of Aguinaldo
1902-03 naval blockade against Venezuela by UK, Germany, & Italy after Pres Castro refused to pay foreign debts from their civil war/led to Roosevelt Corollary
US policy regarding China proposed by Secretary of State John Hay (1899)/urged European nations to allow fair competition for all nations in Chinese markets
Leader of Filipino insurgents/helped US take over Philippines/rejected US control/Pres of Philippines (1899-1901) until captured by US forces
1895-98 war that escalated into the Spanish-American War/led to Cuban independence after brief US control
US fleet sent on a worldwide tour (1907-1909) by Teddy Roosevelt to display US naval power/16 battleships
Black soldiers nicknamed for hair/members of 10th Calvary/fought in Indian Wars, Johnson County War, & Spanish-American War/led by Pershing at San Juan Hill & Pancho Villa raid
1900 law which gave Puerto Ricans civilian government/also called the Organic Act of 1900
1894 protest march in Washington DC by unemployed US workers led by namesake businessman from OH/officially called Army of the Commonwealth in Christ/1st major protest march in DC
Year the Panama Canal construction began
Labor union founded in 1905 in Chicago/tied to socialist & anarchist movements/members called Wobblies/competed w/AFL/membership declined in 1910's & 1920's
Spanish Gov General of Cuba/called 'the Butcher'/put Cuban civilians in concentration camps during Cuban War of Independence/led to US sympathy w/Cuba
1905 treaty ended Russo-Japanese War/negotiated by Pres T Roosevelt in Maine/Japan won & got half of the island of Sakhalin/Roosevelt won 1906 Nobel Peace Prize
Addition to Monroe Doctrine articulated in 1904 State of the Union address/said in debt conflicts between Europe & Latin American nations US will directly mediate claims
18 April 1906 earthquake (7.9 Richter scale) in this California city/led to massive fires & destruction of 80% of city/up to 3000 deaths
US Major General who commanded ground troops in Cuba during Spanish American War
Territory belonging to US that is neither one of the 50 states nor Federal district/there are currently 14 including Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Palau, & Marshall Islands
1909 tariff raised tariffs on some goods such as print paper/led to split in Republican Party/called 'the best bill the Republican Party ever passed' by Taft
Term for sensationalist & often false US journalism supported by Hearst & Pulitzer in 1890's/used to increase newspaper sales
1902 law that funded irrigation projects for the arid lands of 20 states in the American West
Publisher of San Francisco Examiner & New York Journal/developed yellow journalism in competition w/Pulitzer/ran for Pres in 1904/inspiration for Citizen Kane movie
British author that wrote 'The White Man's Burden'/urged the U.S. to keep the Philippines and civilize them
Automaking company founded by namesake in Dearborn MI in 1903/used modern methods of production like assembly line/paid high wages/currently 2nd largest US carmaker/5th in world
1904 muckraker work written by Ida Tarbell/exposé on Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company
Dayton, OH brothers (Orville & Wilbur) that flew 1st plane for 12 seconds for 120 ft at Kitty Hawk, NC on Dec. 17, 1903/had worked on bicycles/invented 3-axis flight control system
First affordable car/produced in 1908 by Ford/sold 16.5 million/'any color you want as long as it's black'/named Car of the Century/used assembly line & interchangeable parts
1903 silent film/12 minutes long/considered 1st US action film & first Western film/partly inspired by 1900 train robbery by Butch Cassidy
Organization founded in 1898 opposed to US imperialist expansion (especially in Philippines)/members included Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, Samuel Gompers
McKinley's campaign manager/broke fundraising records/given sole credit for McKinley's election/called William Jennings Bryan a 'radical' w/communist spirit/later Senator from OH
1900/Chinese nationalists took Beijing/sought to rid China of foreign influences/1000's of Chinese Christians killed/supported by Empress Cixi/crushed by alliance of world powers
1901 treaty that nullified Clayton-Bulwer Treaty/gave US full rights to create Panama Canal
Original commander of Rough Riders in Cuba before T Roosevelt/also served as Military Gov of Cuba & Gov General of Philippines/nearly received 1920 Republican nomination for Pres
1908 work by Ray Stannard Baker/1st journalistic examination of racism in US/served as Wilson's press sec at Treaty of Versailles
Hungarian-born publisher of St Louis Post-Dispatch & New York World newspapers/fought big business & corruption/developed yellow journalism in competition w/Hearst/namesake prizes
25th Pres/3rd to be assassinated/led during Spanish-American War/added Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, & Cuba to US/Gov of OH
1 July 1898 battle/Teddy Roosevelt led Rough Riders in charging the Spanish on namesake hill and Kettle Hill/bloodiest & most famous battle of Spanish-American War
15 Feb 1907 informal agreement between US & Japan/US would not restrict immigration of Japanese & Japan would not allow Japanese to immigrate to US/made by Root & Hayashi
US Cabinet dept created in 1903 under T Roosevelt/its Bureau of Corporations did trust-busting/renamed Dept of Commerce in 1913 when the Dept of Labor was created
Any act of Congress that establishes a US territory & specifies how it is to be governed/1st was Northwest Ordinance of 1787
1908 US-Japan deal/said both would respect each other's Pacific claims & Japanese control of Korea & Manchuria/kept Open Door Policy in China/limited Japanese immigration to US
Series of 1901 Supreme Court opinions/ruled that Constitution didn't grant full citizenship to inhabitants of acquired territories (like Cuba & Puerto Rico)
1906 novel by socialist Upton Sinclair/revealed horrors of meat packing industry/about Lithuanian immigrants in Chicago/led to passage of Pure Food and Drug Act
1906 law establishing federal inspection of meat shipped over state lines or imported/ensures meat products are slaughtered & processed under sanitary conditions/The Jungle
Only naval officer to become Admiral of the Navy/won Battle of Manila Bay/took over the Philippines in the Spanish-American War
US ship sunk in Havana Harbor 15 Feb 1898/killed 260 men/led to Spanish-American War/sunk by mine or by spontaneous coal fire

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