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Forced Order
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Tells of an archdeacon who carries out the law without mercy, especially to lechers. The archdeacon has a summoner who has a network of spies working for him
Dorigen worries that the ship bringing her husband home will wreck itself on the coastal rocks, and she promises Aurelius, that she will give him her body if he moves the rocks
Against the advice of his friends, an old knight named January marries May, a beautiful young woman. She is dissatisfied with him, and conspires to cheat on him
Griselde is a hardworking peasant who marries into the aristocracy. Her husband tests her fortitude in several ways, including pretending to kill her children and divorcing her
A friar begs for money from a dying man named Thomas and his wife, who have recently lost their child. The friar exploits the couple’s misfortunes to take their money
King Cambyuskan of the Mongol Empire is visited on his birthday by a knight bearing gifts from the king of Arabia and India. Cambyuskan and his daughter Canacee receive three gifts

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