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Capital of Assyrian Empire
Ruler who captured Jerusalem in 586BC
Empire that took the nation of Judah captive in 586BC
Biblical name for Promised Land
First victim of murder
First murderer
Last book of the Old Testament
Son of Solomon who ascended to the throne but saw the 10 northern tribes split from Judah creating 2 separate kingdoms
Major prophet who foretold of the Messiah and the Babylonian Captivity but did not live to see it
Number of books in Catholic Old Testament
1st judge of Israel/1st book not written by Moses
Name means laughter/Abraham obeyed God and would have sacrificed him but was stopped by God
Favorite wife of Jacob
Disciple of Jesus who was previously a tax collector
The account of Moses and the departure of the Israelites from Egypt
Year of the fall of Jerusalem
Prophet who confronted Ahab and Jezebel/called fire down from heaven
1st of the books of the minor prophets/married a prostitute at God's command as an illustration of the Jew's unfaithfulness to Him
2nd book written by Jeremiah the prophet regarding the fall of Jerusalem
Book of wisdom in which instruction is given by 'The Preacher' (actually Solomon)/includes 'there is a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot...'
Book of songs
Joshua was the 1st/Samuel was the last/included Barak, Deborah, Samson, and Gideon
Interpreted Nebuchadnezzar's dream and Belshazzar's vision of a hand writing on a wall/survived the lion's den
Came to visit Solomon to see his wisdom and splendor most likely from Yemen
Wicked king of Israel rebuked by Elijah for the murder of Naboth
3rd book of Bible which contains laws about marriage, ritual cleanliness, and laws regarding the priests and sacrifices
Servant of Sarah/mother of Ishmael
Empire that took the nation of Israel captive in 722BC
Penultimate book of the Old Testament
1st King of Israel
Son of Nimshi known for furious chariot driving who exterminated the house of Ahab/had Jezebel thrown from city wall/killed Kings Jehroam of Israel & Ahaziah of Judah
Considered by Christians to be the last of the Old Testament prophets/forerunner of the Messiah
Old testament book which expresses the love between a bride and groom/also title of Toni Morrison work
Wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac
Contains the accounts of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Noah, Cain, Abel, Adam & Eve
Oversaw the reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon after the Jew's captivity
Angel who spoke to Mary, Joseph, and the prophet Daniel
Man known for his great suffering which was allowed by God to prove a point to Satan
Considered canon by Catholic & Orthodox churches but not Protestants/include 1 & 2 Esdras, Tobit, Judith, 1 & 2 Maccabees, Bel & the Dragon, Story of Susanna, Baruch
Angel mentioned by Gabriel to Daniel spoken of as the 'Prince who watches over your people'
Author of most of the Proverbs/famed for wisdom/fell away from God by the end of his life because of his many foreign idolatrous wives
Moabite girl who left her people to stay with her mother-in-law upon the death of her husband
Year Kingdom of Israel was taken captive and destroyed
Girl who became wife of the King Ahasuerus of Persia (Xerxes I)
Number of books in Jewish or Protestant Old Testament
Title given to the 4 prophets who wrote the longest books
Lawgiver of Israel & author/compiler of the 1st 5 books of the Bible
Wife of Ahab who had Naboth murdered and threatened the life of Elijah
God of the Philistines mentioned in the Bible
Father of Isaac and Ishmael
Shepherd who became a prophet (not King David)
Priest who was spiritual leader at the 1st rebuilding of Solomon's Temple/traditionally held to have compiled the entire Old Testament into its present form
Successor prophet to Elijah
Brother of Moses
Number of books in Eastern & Oriental Orthodox Old Testament
Latin translation of the Bible made by Jerome
Oldest man in the Bible
Rebelous son of Isaac and Rebekah/firstborn twin with Jacob
Son of Isaac who wrestled an angel and had his name changed to Israel
Book of wisdom which is comprised mainly of short sayings mostly attributed to Solomon intended to impart wisdom
Number of books in New Testament
Collective name given to the first 3 gospels (Matthew, Mark, & Luke) because of their similarities
Longest book in the Bible containing 150 chapters
Wife of Isaac
Inland sea or lake where Jesus called Peter, Andrew, James & John
Had Uriah the Hittite killed to cover his affair with Bathsheba/ruled after Saul/father of Absalom/Killed Goliath
Prophet during Babylonian Captivity who saw 'a wheel within a wheel' and had visions by the river Chebar
1st king of the northern Kingdom of Israel after the 10 northern tribes rejected Rehoboam son of Solomon/reigned 22 years
Rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem
5th book of the Bible which contains Moses' farewell address
Where God confused the languages of mankind
Greek translation of the Old Testament used in the time of Jesus/means 70 referring to 70 Jewish elders who translated it
Built the ark
Begins with Hosea and ends with the last book of the Old Testament
Sent to Ninevah but took a detour through the Mediterranean and the belly of a whale
Penultimate book of the New Testament
God of Tyre and Sidon worshipped by Jezebel
Weeping prophet
4th book of the Bible which contains accounts of Korah's rebellion and the refusal of Israelites to enter the Promised Land
First wife of Jacob

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