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Forced Order
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WorkAuthorWork Type
Leaf StormShort Story
If on a winter's night a travelerNovel
The Man Who Would Be KingShort Story
The Yellow WallpaperShort Story
The Drunken BoatPoem
I, RobotShort Story
Infinite JestNovel
A View from the BridgeDrama
Lost IllusionsNovel
In a Station of the MetroPoem
The Master and MargaritaNovel
Poor FolkNovel
The SpyNovel
The FixerNovel
Lady LazarusPoem
The Pittsburgh CycleSeries
The ProfessorNovel
The Wreck of the DeutschlandPoem
The Way of the WorldDrama
The Third ManNovel
The Haunted PalacePoem
The Lotus-EatersPoem
The Wind-Up Bird ChronicleNovel
WorkAuthorWork Type
Under Milk WoodDrama
RapunzelShort Story
The YearlingNovel
The Wonderful Wizard of OzChildren's
The Darkling ThrushPoem
Barchester TowersNovel
The Snow QueenChildren's
The Woman in WhiteNovel
God's Little AcreNovel
The Last ManNovel
The Chocolate WarChildren's
Edward IIDrama
Tales of a Wayside InnCollection
Mason & DixonNovel
Too Late the PhalaropeNovel
Little GiddingPoem
The Libation BearersDrama
The Right StuffNovel
The Man With The Golden ArmNovel
Dragon's TeethNovel
Thirteen Ways of Looking At a BlackbirdPoem
You Can't Go Home AgainNovel

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