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Forced Order
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Debates occur between the title character and Mrs. Carter about the roles of women in society & politics/asks her, 'Pray, Madam, are you a federalist?'/early experiment w/dialogueCharles Brockden Brown (1798)
Pamphlet written in wake of increased hostility toward title group at accession of Queen Anne/embarrassed Tory ministry/author was imprisoned & bankruptedDaniel Defoe (1702)
Title character's narration of his life story using passages copied from Bacon, Rabelais, and others/includes Dr. Slop, Uncle Toby, Susanah and parson YorickLaurence Sterne (1759)
1st & most famous American gothic novel/Clara & brother Theodore hear voices/Theodore kills wife & children then himself/Carwin does some of the voices/Clara marries Pleyel at endCharles Brockden Brown (1798)
Born in America to a convict mother, title character goes through 5 marriages including 1 to a half brother/became a ****/finally gets wealth & lives honest & penitentDaniel Defoe (1722)
Account of the surveying of the border between Virginia & North Carolina in 1728/author represented VA and Edward Mosely represented NCWilliam Byrd (pub posthumously 1841)
Regarded as 1st gothic novel/Manfred stabs his daughter Matilda b/c he thinks she's Isabella/peasant Theodore becomes king & marries IsabellaHorace Walpole (1764)
Epistolary novel subtitled 'the History of a Young Lady'/title character refuses to marry Solmes under pressure from family/villain Lovelace rapes her but she won't marry himSamuel Richardson (1748) (one of the longest English novels)
Dr. Primrose, his wife Deborah, and their six children become involved with various financial and family situations which are resolved at the endOliver Goldsmith (1762)
Referenced in Austen's Emma/the de la Motte's joined by Adeline live in an abandoned abbey in the forest/Adeline love Theodore/the Marquis is a fraud/Adeline gets her inheritanceAnn Radcliffe (1791)
Epistolary novel/satire of Richardson's Pamela/instead of being virtuous servant girl she is wicked former prostitute scheming to trap her master, Squire Booby, into marriageHenry Fielding (1741) (published under pseudonym Conny Keyber)
Published under initials H.F./purportedly (but not actually) written about 2 years after titular event/often compared to diary of Samuel PepysDaniel Defoe (1722)
Epistolary novel subtitled 'Virtue Rewarded'/bright, beautiful girl rejects seduction attempts by Mr. B (rich landowner)/she begins to love him & he proposes equitable marriageSamuel Richardson (1740)
Brit schoolgirl seduced by soldier John Montraville/takes her to America/abandons her pregnant & sick/gives Belcour $ to take care of her but he doesn't/dies just as father arrivesSusanna Rowson (1791 - early American bestseller)
Possibly based on life of Alexander Selkirk/castaway lived 28 years on tropical island near Trinidad/encounters cannibals, captives & pirates/companion FridayDaniel Defoe (1719)
Title character works for wealthy Falkland who has secretly murdered Tyrrel & servants of Tyrrel were hanged for it/3-vol. novel showing how legal institutions can destroy innocentWilliam Godwin (1794)
Referenced in Austen's Northanger Abbey/In Italy Emily St. Aubert falls in love with Valancourt/lives at namesake castle/avoids marrying Morano & gets Valancourt Ann Radcliffe (1794)
Squire Allworthy adopts the title character who falls in love with Sophia but cannot marry her because he is a bastardHenry Fielding (1749)
Story of adventures of good-natured footman on road home from London w/friend & mentor, absent-minded parson Abraham AdamsHenry Fielding (1742) (1st full-length novel)

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