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Can you name the astronomical observatories by description?

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Launched by NASA in 1991 aboard Atlantis/observes gamma & hard x-rays/de-orbited in 2000 after failure of gyroscope/one of the Great Observatories
Launched by NASA in 1990/one of NASA's Great Observatories/2.4 meter mirror had initial flaw/uses ultraviolet, visible, & near infrared/
Proposed NASA infrared space telescope/based on designs by Joint Dark Energy Mission & DOE/proposed to be terminated by Trump
Located at Williams Bay, Wisconsin/founded in 1897/considered 'birthplace of modern astrophysics'
Located in Puerto Rico/radio telescope completed in 1963/known for work with SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project
First space telescope/launched by NASA in 1968/used ultraviolet light/proposed by Spitzer/observed until 1973/led to discovery of hydrogen halos on comets
Series of 2 instruments/1st aboard Soviet orbital station Salyut 1 in 1971/2nd on Soyuz 13 in 1973/conducted ultraviolet spectroscopy of stars
Located in Canary Islands, Spain/high altitude (7861 ft)/optical & infrared telescopes/world's largest single aperture optical telescope
Located in Atacama Desert in Chile/array includes 66 twelve-meter & 7-meter diameter radio telescopes/partnership between US, Europe, Chile, Canada, East Asia/cost $1 billion
Located in New Mexico/named for Karl Jansky/27 twenty-five meter radio telescopes in Y-shaped array/functions as interferometer/part of National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Launched by NASA in 2003/infrared space telescope/liquid helium used to cool it ran out in 2009 limiting usefulness/one of NASA's Great Observatories
Proposed successor to Hubble Space Telescope/18 hexagonal mirror segments made of gold-coated beryllium/mirror almost 3x bigger than HST/visible thru mid-infrared/launch in 2021
Located in Chile on Cerro Paranal in Atacama Desert/4 separate telescopes that can be used together
Located on Hawaii's Big Island/world's largest array of optical, infrared, & submillimeter equipment/more telescopes than any other single mountain peak in the world
X-ray space observatory launched by the European Space Agency in December 1999 on an Ariane 5 rocket
Launched by NASA in 1999/X-ray telescope sensitive to x-rays 100 times fainter than any before/one of the Great Observatories
Set of four large, powerful space-based astronomical telescopes/implemented by Pellerin at NASA
Built in 1420 by namesake Timurid ruler in Samarkand, Uzbekistan/destroyed in 1449 & rediscovered in 1908
Located in Chile in Atacama Desert/run by Japanese astronomers/altitude of 18,500 ft makes it highest observatory on earth
Located in Antarctica at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station/single telescope w/diameter of 10 meters/1st used in 2007

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