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He was the first human to journey into outer space, when he orbited Earth in Vostok 1
Second American to fly into space, first of the Mercury Seven to die, died during a prelaunch test of Apollo 1
American teacher from Concord, New Hampshire killed in Space Shuttle Challenger explosion/selected to participate in NASA Teacher in Space Project
Commander of the Apollo 13 mission, he is one only 24 people to have flown to the moon, and was the first to fly to the moon twice
Second Person to walk on the moon, was the pilot of the Lunar module on Apollo 11
Him and his brother were the first and only twins to both go into space, he began a special yearlong mission in March of 2015 to study effects of space by comparing with his twin
First American woman in space(1983), is also the youngest American to have traveled into space, flew on the Challenger twice
Was the first female pilot and first female commander of a Space Shuttle, she has logged 38 days 8 hours and 10 minutes in space
Soviet Space Dog who became one of the first animals in space and the first animal to orbit the Earth, was a stray on the streets of Moscow, flew in Sputnik 2 on Nov 3, 1957
Was the first Canadian to walk in space, he has flown 2 space mssion, served as commander of the International Space Station
Was an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon, commander of Apollo 11, died Aug/ 25/ 2012
First American to orbit Earth and the 5th person in space, one of the original Mercury 7
The first woman to have flown into space, in the Vostok 6, she was also the first civilian to fly in space
First African American in space, participated in 4 space shuttle missions, first mission was STS-8 on the Challenger
First African American woman to travel in space, when she went into orbit aboard Endeavour
First American to walk in space, he died during prelaunch test of Apollo 1
One of the original Mercury Seven Astronauts, second person and first American to travel into space, the fifth and oldest person to walk on the moon

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