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Forced Order
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Work/Other InfoArtistNationality
Abstract expressionist/Woman and Bicycle/Bolton Landing/Door to the RiverDutch American
Baroque painter/Woman with a Water Jug/The Astronomer/The Geographer/The MilkmaidDutch
Post-Impressionist/friend of Van Gogh/spent time in Tahiti/Spirit of the Dead Watching/The Yellow ChristFrench
Spanish Renaissance/The Assumption of the Virgin/The Disrobing of Christ/View of ToledoCretan
Nighthawks, Girl at Sewing Machine, Chop Suey, Office at NightAmerican
Romantic artist/illustrated works of Shakespeare, Scott, and Goethe/Liberty Leading the People/Lion HuntFrench
Venetian school/Portrait of Charles V/Rape of Europa/The Death of Actaeon/Danae with Nursemaid Italian
Surrealist who painted self-portraits/Had polio/Home was known as Blue House/Married to Diego RiveraMexican
Painter/Photographer/Lincoln and Grant (sculpture)/Max Schmitt in a Single Scull/The Gross Clinic/The Swimming HoleAmerican
Sculptor/The Kiss/Bird in Space/Princess X/Portrait of Nancy CunardRomanian
Work/Other InfoArtistNationality
Renaissance painter/Birth of Venus/Primavera (Allegory of Spring)Italian
Post-impressionist/The Laundress, At the Moulin Rouge, Jane AvrilFrench
A founder of Impressionism/idolized Delacroix/painted several ballet scenes/A Cotton Office in New Orleans/At the Races/La ToiletteFrench
Flemish Renaissance/Landscape with the Fall of Icarus/The Hunters in the Snow/The Peasant WeddingFlemish
Painted scenes from the Old WestAmerican
Baroque painter/The Massacre of the Innocents/Portrait of Wladyslaw IV/The Judgment of ParisFlemish
Court painter for Philip IV of Spain/Las Meninas/Rokeby Venus/The Surrender of BredaSpanish
Printmaker, engraver, & mathematician/greatest artist of Northern Renaissance/wrote Four Books on Geometry & Four Books on Human Proportion/engraved Saint Jerome in his Study/MelenGerman
Rococo painter/The Swing/The Stolen Kiss/The Love Letter/Blind Man's BluffFrench
De Stijl artist/Neo-Plasticism/View from the Dunes/Gray Tree/Composition No. 10/Broadway Boogie-WoogieDutch

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