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Forced Order
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1598 edict that allowed religious toleration for French Huguenots
New England preacher that wrote, 'Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God'
Year of founding of Jamestown Colony
Defeated in 1588 by England; defeat allowed England to cross the Atlantic
1st American corn growers; developed elaborate irrigation systems
1692-93/hunt for witches in MA that ended with 20 people and 2 dogs being executed
Viking that discovered N. America in 1000 A.D.
Believed in antinomianism; banished from MA and helped found RI
Theory which states that Earth's landmasses were once one mega-continent
Christian missionary in GA; returned to England and founded Methodism
Norse name of area of coastal North America and Newfoundland explored by Norse Vikings
leader of Puritans who founded Connecticut
Treaty in which Pope Alexander VI divided the New World in 1494 between Spain and Portugal
5 NY Indian tribes including Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, & Seneca/later Tuscarora became 6th
Connecticut's 1639 Constitution
Boundary between Spanish and Portugese New World colonies set by the Pope
Portuguese explorer for Spain/1st to circumnavigate the globe/killed during the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines in 1521
Jesuit who explored Great Lakes region in mid to late 1600's/sailed down Mississippi in 1682/named Louisiana after King Louis of France
Discovered FL looking for the Fountain of Youth; 1st governor of Spanish Puerto Rico
Concept that a land bridge between Asia and N. America at the end of the Ice Age is how the Americas were populated
Maryland law that guaranteed Christian religious liberty but gave death penalty to Jews, etc.
Saved Jamestown; 'no work, no food' policy
Founded Maryland(4th colony) in 1634 as a Catholic refuge
Joint-stock company that received a charter from James I in 1606
Year of founding of Plymouth Colony
Discovered the Pacific by crossing the isthmus of Panama
1730's & 40's/religious revival in America led by Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield
The trade of foods, diseases, and animals between New World and Old World
Advocated complete break w/ Church of England; founded RI
Captain of the Plymouth colony militia
Explored the southeast U.S.; buried in Mississippi River
1733 Parliamentary Act that tried to hurt American trade w/ French West Indies
MA Bay Colony founder; governor or deputy governor for 19 years
'The traditional home of the otherwise minded'; secured a charter in 1644
English captain who raided Spanish ships in late 1500s; 1st Englishman to circumnavigate the globe/Knighted by Queen Elizabeth I
Defined slaves' legal status/master's rights; strict and severe; used in slave colonies
'Father of New France'

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