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Units for linear momentum
What to use to find force or work done to STOP an object.
Change in period of a simple pendulum if mass of bob is tripled.
Time it takes for an object to fall a given height, h. t =
Equations used if an object is spinning and has translational movement, and you are asked to find a force, acceleration, or alpha.
There can only be a change in momentum if there is an _______ _______.
Force that applies a torque on an object rolling down a ramp.
Sum of the mr^2's
In order to calculate torque what relationship do the force and distance have to have?
If p = 2t^3 - 4t, then F = ?
What kind of equation is used if you are asked to write a differential equation?
Sign of any restoring force
Horizontal acceleration of an object in free fall.
Power (using work)
Angular form of angular momentum
Equation used to find new equilibrium position for a spring after a mass has been attached.
Velocity of circular orbit
Principle used in a top to bottom situation
There can only be a change in angular momentum if there is an _______ _______.
Power (using torque)
Integral of a force/position curve
Total Mechanical Energy
Units for moment of inertia
T^2 = kR^3
Linearized form of angular momentum/angular momentum of a particle traveling in a straight line with respect to a given point
INew = IOld + md^2
What is conserved in an elastic collision?
Centripetal force using angular velocity
Simplified setup for conservation of L in planetary motion.
Change in period of a spring if force of gravity is doubled.
Vertical acceleration of an object in free fall.
What is the area under a force/time graph? (Two answers required.)
Power (using force)
If x double dot + 25x = 0, what is omega and what is the period?

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