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Can you name the parts of an amniotic egg and embryonic development by their descriptions?

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Innermost germ layer that forms during gastrulation/Differentiates into internal organs
Stage of embryonic development where molecular and cellular interactions between germ layers prompt the further differentiation of organ-specific cell types
Closed sac between embryo & amnion, containing amniotic fluid
Innermost membrane that encloses embryo of a mammal, bird, or reptile/closely covers embryo when 1st formed/expands b/c of amniotic fluid/fuses w/chorion to become amniotic sac
Brief stage of embryonic development that starts when zygote is approximately 16 cells/Retained inside the zona pellucida/Cells called blastomeres
Fluid filled cavity that forms within the blastula from the cleavage of the oocyte after fertilization
Primary gut that forms during gastrulation in the developing zygote/Develops into endoderm and mesoderm
Creation of an ovum (egg cell)/female form of gametogenesis
Membranous sac attached to an embryo, formed by cells of the hypoblast adjacent to the embryonic disk/also called umbilical vesicle/important for blood supply for early embryos
Stage of embryonic development before gastrulation/Inner cavity begins to form
Protective liquid contained by the amniotic sac of a pregnant female/helps in development of gastrointestinal tract
Outermost membrane surrounding an embryo of a reptile, bird, or mammal/together w/amnion forms amniotic sac
Stage of embryonic development where cells of blastula undergo cell division, invasion and/or migration to form diploblastic or triploblastic tissue layers
Clear liquid contained within an egg/forms around egg yolks/protects yolk & provides nutrition for embryo/contains just over 50% of protein in egg
Part of developing ovum containing most of the yolk and little cytoplasm
Develops from zygote thru stages of blastula, gastrula, and organogenesis/possesses half the DNA of each parent/in mammals (esp humans) also called a fetus
Sac-like structure inside chorion that helps the embryo exchange gases and handle liquid waste/webbed w/blood vessels
Outermost germ layer that forms during gastrulation/Differentiates into nervous system, tooth enamel, and epidermis
Phase early in embryonic development where the blastula is reorganized into a structure with 3 germ layers
Supplies food for embryo in lecithotrophic eggs/rich in vitamins, minerals, lipids, & proteins
Part of developing ovum containing the nucleus and little yolk
Opening of the archenteron that forms during gastrulation/Determines if organism is Dueterostomic or Protostomic
Process where nervous tissue becomes concentrated in the head producing sensory organs
Stage of embryonic development that features fluid-filled cavity (blastocoel) surrounded by sphere or sheet of cells (blastomeres)
Middle germ layer that forms during gastrulation/Forms and lines coelem/Differentiates into the neural plate
Process in which spermatozoa are produced from male primordial germ cells by way of mitosis and meiosis/male form of gametogenesis
Outer covering of an amniotic egg/contain calcium carbonate in birds/some reptiles, amphibians, & fish have leathery coat
Eukaryotic cell formed by a fertilization event between two gametes (male sperm cell & female egg cell)

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