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Forced Order
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Named for Mexican Pres Juárez/worked w/blacksmith father, stonemason in Switzerland (to avoid military service), teacher/broke w/Socialist Party over nationalismItaly (1922-1943)
Both parents & older brother committed suicide/studied law at Belgrade U/became Communist there/called Butcher of the Balkans/tried by International Court of Justice/died in prisonSerbia (1989-1997)/Yugoslavia (1997-2000)
Born in Austria/initally bore mother's last name Schicklgruber/wanted to become an artist/wounded in left thigh in Battle of Somme (1916)/received Iron Cross for braveryGermany (1934-1945)
Secretly educated in Switzerland in 90's/had his uncle Jang Sung-taek and his entire family executed/son of Kim Jong-ilNorth Korea (2011-present)
Born to shepherds near Tikrit/taught secondary school/joined Ba'ath party/led failed assassination attempt on Qasim - fled to Syria, Egypt/invaded Kuwait/executed in 2003Iraq (1979-2003)
Military coup overthrew Allende in 1973/harsh rule w/free market economics/Miracle of Chile/stepped down in 1990/still 300 criminal charges pending (human rights)Chile (1973-1990)
Served as diplomat to USSR/member of Farmer's Party/failed radio-broadcast coup in 1940/founded Nasjonal Samling party (1933)/executed by firing squad/Nazi puppet ruler of NorwayNorway (1942-1945)
Apprentice shoemaker/arrested at 15 for Communist work/protege of Gheorghiu-Dej/became brutal after taking power/only violent overthrow of Communism in 1989/shot by firing squadRomania (1965-1989)
Fought in Greco-Turkish War (1897)/appointed PM in 1936/declared state of emergency/strongman of 4th of August Regime/died just before German invasion in WW2Greece (1936-1941)
Son of Bedouin goat herder/attended Royal Military Academy/known as Brotherly Leader or Colonel/Islamic socialism (Jamahiriya)/overthrown & executed in Arab Spring revolt w/NATOLibya (1969-2011)
Medical degree from U of Haiti in 1934/studied at U of Michigan/fought against tropical diseases/black nationalist/elected Prez in 1957/purged military/Prez for Life in 1964Haiti (1957-1971)
Born Saloth Sar/studied radio electronics in Paris/joined Communists there/led Khmer Rouge/urban dwellers forced to move to countryside/caused death of 25 millionCambodia (1963-1981)
Led 1952 overthrow of monarchy/cracked down on Muslim Brotherhood/nationalized Suez Canal/called for Pan-Arab unity/formed United Arab Republic w/Syria/launched War of AttritionEgypt (19556-1970)
Rule led to 40-70 million deaths/founder of Communist China/met Nixon in 1972/has little Red Book/dropped out of police academy, soap production, law, & economics schoolChina (1945-1976)
Former Marxist leader of Sandanistas/now a democratic socialist/defeated by Violeta Chamorro in 1990/constitution changed to allow 3rd term in 2011/friends w/Chavez, AhmadinejadNicaragua (1979-1990, 2007-present)
Elected Prez in 1965/martial law from 1972-81/defeated in 1986 election by Corazon Aquino (wife of murdered opposition leader)/wife had 2700 pairs of shoes/fled to HawaiiPhilippines (1965-1986)
Helped in coup against conservative Castillo/nationalized Central Bank & Brit railways/famous wife Evita (Eva)/protected Nazi war criminals after WW2/overthrown by military coupArgentina (1946-1955, 1973-1974)
Initially a conservative monarchist/helped start Spanish Civil War w/coup vs Popular Front gov't/won Spanish Civil War w/help from Germany, Italy/adopted FalangismSpain (1936-1975)
Developed Songun (military first) policy/opened Kaesong Industrial Park (2003)/led during famine in 90's/English language education in Malta/son of Kim Il SungNorth Korea (1994-2011)
Born Ioseb Jughashvili in nation of Georgia/attended Russian Orthodox seminary but became atheist/sent to Siberia for subversive activities/had Trotsky killedSoviet Union (1922-1952)
Taught at teacher training college in Rhodesia/established ZANU-PF rule/has N Korean-trained security force (5th Brigade)/served as PM (1980-87)Zimbabwe (1987-present)
Member of Brit King's African Rifles/military coup deposed Obote/killed 100-500 thousand people/went from pro-Western to pro-Soviet/defeated by Tanzania/fled to Libya, Saudi ArabiaUganda (1971-1979)
Served as Egyptian Air Force officer/became Commander of Air Force & Deputy Minister of Defense in 1972/became VP in 1975 & 4th Prez in 1981 upon the death of SadatEgypt (1981-2011)
'Eternal President'/joined Communist Party of China (1931)/fought against Japan as part of Soviet Red Army in WW2/put in power by Stalin/invaded S Korea (1950)/established JucheNorth Korea (1948-1994)
Worked w/CIA providing intel from 1950's-1980's/major cocaine trafficker/captured during US invasion in 1989/imprisoned after trial from 1992-2007 then extradited to FrancePanama (1983-1989)
Served in Austro-Hungarian army/captured by Russians (WW1 - work camp in Urals)/helped w/October Rev/served in Red Guard/helped found Cominform but broke away from SovietsYugoslavia (1953-1980)
Nubian not Arabic/attended Royal Military Academy in Cairo/joined Nasser in Free Officers/imprisoned by Brits in WW2 for seeking Axis help/assassinated by extremist army officersEgypt (1970-1981)

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