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Forced Order
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Took the author 26 years to write. Frederick Kohler hides away his writing for fear that his wife will read it. Attempts to tunnel out of the basement of his homeWilliam Gass
Farishta & Chamcha (Indian Muslim actors in UK)/magically saved from hijacked plane explosion/related to Muhammad & Islam/led to fatwa by Khomeini calling for authors deathSalman Rushdie
A love affair between Alaric Darconville, an English professor at a Virginia women's college, and one of his students, IsabelAlexander Theroux
Mizoguchi and Kashiwagi witness the destruction of the title structure/Mizoguchi lights the structure on fire/Cannot commit suicide inside, so he watches it burn from a hillYukio Mishima
Narrates the history of the Shaposhnikov family and the Battle of Stalingrad. It is written in the socialist realist styleVasily Grossman
A first-person story by an unnamed Irish student of literature who sets three stories into motion: Pooka MacPhellimey, John Furriskey, and Dermot TrellisFlann O'Brien (real name: Brian O'Nolan)
Gentleman & amateur naturalist Charles Smithson falls for former governess Sarah Woodruff/narrator becomes character & gives 3 options for endingJohn Fowles
Ardeyda, a musician in search of his past/wife Carlotta - Latin American who lives in exile/Suwelo, black prof of American History/Fanny his ex-wife about to meet her fatherAlice Walker
During fictional war where apartheid is overthrown/Smales family goes to village of their slave, July/becomes subservient to July/at the mercy of the chief & his people to stayNadine Gordimer
Jacob Vaark & wife Rebekka live on farm in NY/own slave girl Florens/Native American Lina/Rebekka came from Europe to marry Jacob w/out meeting him/their children die/set in 1692Toni Morrison
Several references to the Odyssey/Homer & Ulysses are based on author's life living fatherless w/siblings & mother/Ithaca, CA is based on Fresno, CA/set in WW2/Homer loves HelenWilliam Saroyan
Lower-middle class medieval history lecturer Jim Dixon mocks pseudo-intellectual values at university/loses job there/leaves manipulative Margaret for Christine & gets good jobKingsley Amis
Andalusian shepherd boy Santiago goes to Egypt b/c of dream/Melchizedek talks about Personal Legend/universe helps achieve dreams/wants to marry Fatima/meets title characterPaul Coelho
Louis Charles ('Lucy') Lynch, his family, his wife, and his best friend. Sixty-year-old Lou Lynch has cheerfully spent his entire life in Thomaston, New York,Richard Russo
Part novel, part play/Temple Drake (introduced as college student in Sanctuary) now married w/child must learn to deal w/violent past/'The past is never dead. It's not even past'William Faulkner
Follows a year in the life of Jack Gladney, a professor who has made his name by pioneering the field of Hitler StudiesDon Delillo
Tells of several women including Christine (granddaughter) & Heed (widow) & their relationship to dead hotel owner Bill Cosey/Junior is medium who connects Cosey to the livingToni Morrison
24 year old African American Frank Money returns from Korean War/'a year after being discharged from an integrated army into a segregated homeland'Toni Morrison
A fictional re-telling of Jesus Christ's life, it depicts him as a flawed, humanised character with passions and doubtsJose Saramago
Henry Case and Molly Milton travel through cyberspace to reunite the consciouses of Wintermute and NeuromancerWilliam Gibson

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