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Oskar Matzerath tells the story of his WWII experiences and how he ends up in an insane asylumGunter Grass
Describes the author's life struggling as a writer in France (primarily Paris) during the late 1920s and early 1930sHenry Miller
Generations of Trueba family in Chile/Las Tres Marias hacienda/Estoban marries psychic Clara/has daughter Blanca who has daughter Alba/revolutionary activity/magic realismIsabel Allende
Originally titled A Moment's Ornament/Lily Bart pursues Simon Rosedale, Lawrence Selden and other society gentlemen/amasses gambling debts and overdoses on sleeping pillsEdith Wharton
The titular character is said to be 'born in the wrong way' with an extra finger, but he later becomes a journalist, has four children with Shama, and attempts to build a houseV.S. Naipaul
Howard Roark & Keating are architects/Roark has his own style/Keating is a suck up/at 1st Keating is successful but Roark wins in end & gets girl Dominique/Rand 1st successAyn Rand
Happens over one day during a Mexican festival, where Geoffrey Firmin is a smart British man living in Mexico who wants to write a book but drinks too muchMalcom Lowry
Friar William and his novice Adso investigate a murder at a Monastery in Northern ItalyUmberto Eco
The history of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty and Roman Empire, from Julius Caesar's assassination in 44 BC to Caligula's assassination in 41 AD.Robert Graves
Esther Greenwood has internship w/NY magazine Ladies Day/returns home to Boston depressed/goes to psychiatrist Nolan who does electroconvulsive therapy/attempts suicide/ends OKSylvia Plath
Author's first novel. Narrated from the viewpoint of Claudia MacTeer who deals with the black Pecola who develops an inferiority complex and wants to be white with blue eyesToni Morrison
Almustafa is about to board ship from Orphalese after 12 years there/stopped by group of people & discusses life & human condition/book of 26 prose poetry essaysKahlil Gibran
Loosely based on author's travels through rural China due to false diagnosis of lung cancer/You & I are main characters in alternating chapters/search for fabled mountain LingshanGao Xingjian
Gail Hightower loses wife and church/Lena Grove searches for her baby's father/part-black Joe Christmas murders white Joanna Burden and is castrated and killed by townspeopleWillam Faulkner
3rd in Cairo Trilogy/Khadija's sons Ahmad (Marxist journalist) & Abd al-Muni'm (Muslim Brethren) are main characters/Yasin's son Ridwan climbs ladder/Kamal is lovelorn over AidaNaguib Mahfouz
A trilogy concerning the titular family. Divide among The Man of Property, The Awakening, and To Let John Galsworthy
2nd in Cairo Trilogy/Fahmy has died/al-Sayyid Ahmad has aged & calmed a bit/Kamal chooses to become teacher - is losing religion/Yasin grows wilder/Egypt is changingNaguib Mahfouz
1st in Cairo Trilogy/al-Sayyid Ahmad rules house according to strict Muslim faith/cheats on wife Amina/oldest son Yasin is like him/sons Fahmy & Kamal, daughters Khadija & AishaNaguib Mahfouz
Cassetti going by the name of Ratchett is murdered by friends & family of Daisy Armstrong, a little girl he kidnapped & murdered/Hercule Poirot solves mysteryAgatha Christie
Subtitled 'Scenes from Russian Life' it follows a group of poor Russians living in a shelter near Volga. Hallmark of Socialist RealismMaxim Gorky

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