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'Milkman' Dead III/nicknamed b/c of breastfeeding/Ruth (mother) & Macon (father) have bad relationship/friend Guitar tries to kill him/sisters Pilate, First Corinthians, & LenaSong of Solomon
Mitsusaburo struggles w/institutionalized baby & brother Takashi who teaches football to create group to rebel against the 'emperor' (Korean supermarket owner) but commits suicideThe Silent Cry
Set in the Bottom (mostly black neighborhood in OH)/title character is friends w/Nel as children but has affair w/her husband Jude later/Shadrak celebrates Nat'l Suicide DaySula
Non-fiction about the ceremony, history, magnificence, and traditions of Spanish bullfightingDeath in the Afternoon
Santiago Zavala and Ambrosio have a conversation in a local bar where Zavala tries to find the truth about his father's role in the murder of a notorious Peruvian underworld figureConversation in the Cathedral
Mehring, a rich white businessman, buys a farm. A dead black man is found and burned but is later given a proper burialThe Conservationist
Ernest Hemingway's experiences on the African safari with his fourth wife Mary. Published posthumouslyTrue At First Light
Last novel. Follows Joseph Knecht's education, mastery of the titular Game, and his advancement to Magister Ludi, the head of the Castalian order. He makes the decision to leave thThe Glass Bead Game
Stingo meets title character and Jewish lover Nathan at boarding house in Brooklyn/while in concentration camp she was forced to choose between the death of her daughter & sonSophie's Choice
Tita de la Garza loves Pedro but cannot marry him b/c tradition says she must stay home & care for her mother/12 sections for months & recipes tied to events in her lifeLike Water for Chocolate
Bird's son, like Oe's, was born w/brain hernia but is revealed to be a benign tumor at novel's end/Bird turns to alcohol & old girlfriend b/c of child and bad marriageA Personal Matter
An unamed magistrate defends his colony during a state of emergency when barbarians are rumored to attack the colonyWaiting for the Barbarians
First in a trilogy, it relates Albert Talbot's trip to Australia aboard a British warshipRites of Passage
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The life of Claude Wheeler, his temporary education, failed marriage, and enlisment in WWIOne of Ours
Satire of Stockholm society/Arvid Falk leaves job as bureaucrat to become journalist/author but finds hypocrisy & corruption/joins bohemians in discussions at a dining roomThe Red Room
Set in W.African nation (Kangan)/Sam 'His Excellency' rules after coup/Ikem newsman killed by regime which is later toppled/Sam & Chris Oriko (minister of info) killedAnthills of the Savannah
Jadine is beautiful Black American Sorbonne grad cared for by Streets (wealthy white fam)/Son is poor Black Amer. who meets Jadine in Caribbean/love affair, come to US & struggleTar Baby
Revolves around three generations of the Shandong family. Tells the story of family's struggles, first as distillery owners making sorghum wine and then as resistance fighters duriRed Sorghum Clan
Satirical epic of the colonization of Maryland based on the life of an actual poet, Ebenezer Cooke, who wrote a poem of the same titleThe Sot-Weed Factor
The struggles of four of John Singer's acquaintances: Mick Kelly: A tomboyish girl who dreams of buying a piano; Jake Blount: An alcoholic labor agitator; Biff BrannonThe Heart is a Lonely Hunter
An alter-ego of author who reflects on his previous experiences around the worldOne Man's Bible
Semi-autobiographical novel published poshumously that attacks Victorian-era hypocrisy/traces 4 generation of Pontifex familyThe Way of All Flesh
Ding Gou'er is sent to rural China to investigate claims of cannibalism. Letters exchanged between Li Yidou, an aspiring authorThe Republic of Wine
The tragedies of Oliver Gant following his failed marriage and loss of a daughter to Cholera. He makes a special bond with his youngest son, EugeneLook Homeward, Angel
The Continental Op investigates a murder to expose a corrupt police force and their chief, NoonanRed Harvest
Young educated narrator Odili has conflict with Chief Nanga, his former teacher who becomes minister of culture in unnamed modern African country/ends w/military coupMan of the People

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