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Set in northern Florida/Jody Baxter befriends Flag a young deer/Jody's father makes him shoot it because it's eating their cropsMarjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Follows the life story of Yuri ____ a writer and poet in the pre WWII era in RussiaBoris Pasternak
Hans Castorp travels to the Swiss Alps seeking a cure for tuberculosis but contracts the disease, recovers, and joins the military to fight in WWIThomas Mann
Covers one day in the life of the namesake, Clarissa _______, character who is a high society London woman who will be hosting a party that eveningWoolf
The story begins on Wang Lung's wedding day and follows the rise and fall of his fortunesPearl S. Buck (Sai Zhenzhu)
Set in future US under Christian theocracy (Republic of Gilead)/Offred is handmaid (concubine) for The Commander/falls for Nick/modeled after Canterbury TalesAtwood
Describes the formative years of Stephan Dedalus and is semi-autobiographical and tied to the myth of Daedalus and IcarusJoyce
Lucy Honeychurch encounters George Emerson in Italy/can't be together b/c he's from lower class/they elope in the end Forster
Constance (Connie) is married to Clifford (aristocrat paralytic), has affair with gamekeeper Oliver Mellors/highlights class distinctions/banned in UK until 1960 for sexLawrence
Santiago is an old Cuban fisherman who, after a long string of not catching anything, catches a massive fish and helplessly watches the sharks eat itHemingway
Janie Crawford, African American, tells story of her 3 marriages to Logan Killicks (older farmer), Jody Starks (store owner), and Tea Cake (gambler)Hurston
American Frederic Henry serves in the ambulance corp of the Italian Army in WWI, falls in love with Catherine Barkley who dies with her child during childbirthHemingway
Profiles the Woo, John, Hsu, and St. Clair families as the American daughters relate to their Chinese immigrant mothersAmy Tan
Set in last days of British colonialism in Kenya/accounts of Karen Blixen's life on her coffee plantation there/Blixen is author's real nameIsak Dinesen
The story of several interrelated people who die in the collapse of an Incan rope bridge in PeruThornton Wilder
Jack & Beryl Stapleton, Seldon, Laura Lyons, Dr. Mortimer/Set in Dartmoor in Devonshire/a baronet is found dead & death is attributed to a family curse involving a vicious canineDoyle
Pioneering work in True Crime genre/details the 1959 murders of Herbert Clutter, his wife, and 2 of 4 childrenCapote
The Harling, Burden, and Shimerda families struggle to survive on the Nebraska prairie/title characters family emigrated from BohemiaCather
Chaplian's assistant Billy Pilgrim is captured by the Germans in WWII and imprisoned in Dresden/he survives but is later killed in Chicago by Lazzaro to avenge the death of WearyVonnegut
Historian Antoine Roquentin settles in Bouville but gets a 'sweetish sickness' relating to issues of existenceSartre
South Africa/Stephen Kumalo goes to see sister Gertrude (prostitute) and find son Absalom who has killed Arthur Jarvis, son of Stephen's neighbor JamesPaton
Follows the Swedish Bergson family and Alexandra Bergson who inherits her dead father's farm. Falls in love with Carl LinstrumWilla Cather
Jack Burden learns Judge Irwin was his real father/Anne Stanton has affair with Willie Stark (who is based upon Huey Long)Robert Penn Warren

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