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Forced Order
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written in Nadsat and set in a future society with extreme youth violence, Alex is a gang leader who is arrested for murder and undergoes a treatment called the Ludovico Technique
George and Lennie are migrant farm workers in California/Lennie is mentally disabled and accidentally kills a woman/George shoots Lennie to save him from mob retaliation
Covers one day in the life of the namesake, Clarissa _______, character who is a high society London woman who will be hosting a party that evening
American Frederic Henry serves in the ambulance corp of the Italian Army in WWI, falls in love with Catherine Barkley who dies with her child during childbirth
Holly Golightly changes from a country girl to a New York socialite, living off rich men who give her money and presents
South Africa/Stephen Kumalo goes to see sister Gertrude (prostitute) and find son Absalom who has killed Arthur Jarvis, son of Stephen's neighbor James
Robert Jordan is an American dynamiter fighting for the republicans in the Spanish Civil War
Jose Buendia founds the town of Macondo, the story covers 7 generations of the family there
Set in future US under Christian theocracy (Republic of Gilead)/Offred is handmaid (concubine) for The Commander/falls for Nick/modeled after Canterbury Tales
Frodo must destroy the One Ring created by Sauron/Sauron is seeking the Ring because if he regains it, he can conquer Middle Earth
Rev. Wicks Cherrycoke entertains his extended family with stories about his adventures with title characters as they perform astronomical and surveying exploits in Brit colonies
Title taken from Yeats 'Second Coming'/Okonkwo, leader in Igbo (Ibo) village, exiled for accidental murder, returns to find Brits running things, commits suicide after murder
The Harling, Burden, and Shimerda families struggle to survive on the Nebraska prairie/title characters family emigrated from Bohemia
Traces the rich Wilcox's, the half-German Schlegel sisters, and the lower-middle class Basts couple/all tied to a property with namesake title
The Bundren family is trying to take their dead mother, Addie, to Jefferson MS for burial/stream of conciousness writing with 15 different narrators
Mersault helps Raymond get revenge on his Arab girlfriend and later kills an Arab man/remorseless he is sentenced to execution
Set in Europe after WWII, centers on design, production and dispatch of German V-2 rockets/Schwarzgerat to be installed on rocket 00000/won 1974 Nat'l Book Award for Fiction
Winston Smith falls in love with Julia/seeks to rebel against Big Brother and Ingsoc/both are brainwashed again at the end
Set in the Salinas Valley, California in early 1900's follows the Hamilton and Trask families through their difficulties/associations with biblical Cain and Abel
Captain Yossarian, Major Major, and Milo Mindbender/if you want to fly missions you're crazy and don't have to, but if you don't want to you're sane and have to
Namesake town just above Monterey, CA/main character Danny inherits 2 houses and lives it up with his friends (all Mexican-Americans)
Fiver a rabbit seer has a vision of destruction of Sandleford warren, joined by Hazel, Bigwig and Silver they find a new home at title location/rescue female rabbits from Efrafan
Set in 632 AF (After Ford), John the Savage leaves a reservation to go to futuristic London where people take the drug soma and engage in recreational sex
Jake Barnes, Lady Brett Ashley, and Robert Cohn go to Pamplona to see the running of the bulls
Historian Antoine Roquentin settles in Bouville but gets a 'sweetish sickness' relating to issues of existence
Futuristic, Dagny Taggart runs railway, loves Francisco D'Anconia, Hank Reardon, and John Galt/Galt convinces money men/industrialists to let society collapse to defeat socialism
Constance (Connie) is married to Clifford (aristocrat paralytic), has affair with gamekeeper Oliver Mellors/highlights class distinctions/banned in UK until 1960 for sex
Follows Paul Morel, his relationship with his mother who married below her station, and his search for love with Miriam the farm girl and Clara Dawes/semi-autobiographical
Fermina Daza falls for Florentino Ariza, but her father ends the relationship/she marries Dr Juvenal Urbino who is trying to end cholera
Janie Crawford, African American, tells story of her 3 marriages to Logan Killicks (older farmer), Jody Starks (store owner), and Tea Cake (gambler)
Santiago is an old Cuban fisherman who, after a long string of not catching anything, catches a massive fish and helplessly watches the sharks eat it
Sethe escapes from slavery in KY to OH but when a posse comes to return her, she kills her daughter/years later a woman presumed to be the dead daughter comes to haunt her
Brit Adela Quested accuses young Indian Muslim doctor Aziz of attempting to assault her in a cave in India/she later admits he didn't/deals with racial prejudice in colonial India
The Southern aristocratic Compson family from Jefferson MS as it declines over a 30 year period
Holden Caulfield is expelled from Pencey Prep school, returns to New York without going home and wanders around the city for a couple days
Professor Humbert Humbert marries a widow b/c he's infatuated with her 12 year old daughter Dolores whom he nicknames with title name/when widow dies they become sexually involved
Prequel to Jane Eyre/Story of Antoinette Cosway (known in Jane Eyre as Bertha Mason) before and after her marriage to Mr. Rochester
Saleem Sinai, born on India's independence day, has telepathic powers & large dripping nose/forms title group/loose allegory for India's before-after independence/magic realism
Thomas Sutpen buys and builds an estate in Jefferson MS/children are Henry and Judith/Charles Bon wants to marry Judith but discovers he is also Sutpen's son from former marriage
Describes the formative years of Stephan Dedalus and is semi-autobiographical and tied to the myth of Daedalus and Icarus
About the Earwicker family composed of father HCE, mother ALP, and children Shem the Penman, Shaun the Postman, and Issy
Ignatius Reilly, Myrna Minkoff, Police officer Angelo Mancuso, Miss Trixie, Mr and Mrs Levy
Benny Profane ex-US sailor reconnects with pseudo-bohemian artists called the Whole Sick Crew in NY and Herbert Stencil who is searching for title entity (Veronica Manganese)
Set in the Ramsay's summer home in the Hebrides on the Isle of Skye over a 10 year period (1910-1920), at the end the father takes son to title location in attempt to reconcile
Jack & Beryl Stapleton, Seldon, Laura Lyons, Dr. Mortimer/Set in Dartmoor in Devonshire/a baronet is found dead & death is attributed to a family curse involving a vicious canine
allegory of October Revolution in Russia/the main characters are Mr. Jones, the owner, Napoleon and Snowball, the pigs, and the horse, Boxer
Pioneering work in True Crime genre/details the 1959 murders of Herbert Clutter, his wife, and 2 of 4 children
Novel appears to be a 999-line poem by John Shade with foreword, commentary, and index by Charles Kinbote
Lucy Honeychurch encounters George Emerson in Italy/can't be together b/c he's from lower class/they elope in the end
Charles Ryder becomes involved with the Roman Catholic Marchmain family through friendship with son, Sebastian/romantic relationship begins and ends with daughter, Julia
Celie (an African American) is raped by her stepfather, marries an abusive husband, forms a romantic attachment with his mistress, and finds her lost sister Nettie at the end
Narrator unnamed African American from the South becomes involved in the Brotherhood in Harlem, falls down manhole while chased by police, lives underground with 1369 light bulbs
Based on the travels of author and friends across America (1947-50)/Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty/jazz, poetry, drug use
Based on author's childhood/his father went out of town to see his grandfather but dies in a car wreck on the way home/shows how loss of father affects wife and children
Elaine Risley daughter of traveling entomologist remembers childhood experience being bullied by 3 'friends'/follows her into adulthood as Feminist artist
Follows a day in the life of Leopold Bloom as he travels through Dublin/his wife Molly cheats on him/coresponds to Greek epic/Buck Mulligan, Stephan Dedalus, Blazes Boylan
Joad family leaves Oklahoma for California b/c of Dust Bowl/Tom Joad and Rose of Sharon Rivers are main characters
Chaplian's assistant Billy Pilgrim is captured by the Germans in WWII and imprisoned in Dresden/he survives but is later killed in Chicago by Lazzaro to avenge the death of Weary

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