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Forced Order
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Salieri attempts to commit suicide using arsenic which he also used to murder MozartPeter Shaffer
Household in mourning for 8 years after death of title character's 2nd husband/daughters deny her wishes/Adela & Pepe have an affair/Adela thinks Bernarda killed Pepe/hangs herselfGarcia Lorca (Last Play)
17 yr-old Alan Strang has religious-sexual experience w/horse Nugget/has psychiatrist Dysart/hooks up w/Jill/blinds 6 horses after begging their forgiveness/inspired by UK boyPeter Shaffer
A Maniac outsmarts inspector Bertozzo and impersonates a judge. Two endings: Feletti (A Journalist) leaves the policemen to be bombed. Feletti is handcuffed to a window and left toDario Fo
Written for Patrick Magee/set on 'a late evening in the future'/old man sits in his den on 69th B-day w/tape recorder/reviews tape made when he was 39Samuel Beckett
Title character initially serves Robert de Baudricourt/is condemned by Inquisition & de Stogumber (he later horrified when she is burned)/she appears to King Charles 25 yrs laterGeorge Bernard Shaw
Mary Tilford runs away from boarding school and to avoid being sent back, she tells her grandmother that the two headmistresses, Karen Wright and Martha Dobie, are having a lesbianLillian Hellman
Set of 5 plays w/preface titled An Infidel Half Century/1st play begins w/Adam & Eve/Brit politicians seek long life/last play is As Far As Thought Can Reach: AD 31,920 George Bernard Shaw
Set in Mexico in 1940's/Reverend Shannon is institutionalized for nervous breakdown & is accused of statutory rape of Charlotte Goodall/stays at Maxine Faulk's hotel w/tour groupTennessee Williams
Elyot and Sybil are a divorced couple who happen to be vacationing at the same hotel with their new partners where they realize they are still in love and run awayNoel Coward
George and Maggie Antrobus and their children serve as allegorical representations of biblical charactersThornton Wilder
Set in Harry Hope's Greenwich Village saloon in 1912/several men all losers w/pipe dreams wait for Hickey to come/he does but is different/admits to murdering his wife & is insaneEugene O'Neill
Play which coined 'Angry Young Men'/working-class Jimmy & upper-middle class wife Alison fight/Jimmy hates & then hooks up with Alison's friend Helena/they both leave him at endJohn Osborne
1 act/written in 3 weeks/Peter & Jerry meet at bench in Central Park (NY)/Jerry tells him stories then pulls knife on him/let's Peter have knife then charges & impales himselfEdward Albee (1st play)
Joe Keller sold faulty aircraft engines to the airforce/Deever family is blamed/Chris Keller wishes to marry Ann Deever/Joe is convinced to confess but kills himself insteadArthur Miller

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