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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters from the Cryptic Style Clues? (see how to)

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Not his, not your, but less than two
Hold on tight! It's Peter Pan's enemy!
What butterflies do ... near the burning part of candles
Charlie's Angels Actress Lucy and the small sharp thing that stabbed her
Use a shovel in a grisly and bloody fashion
If you go beyond just liking something, you better do it well!
A place to put your removable hair
Really? His bird mouth only costs one dollar?
Son of + already left + one sea bird
A tin primate with no tail
A single letter that talks like a pirate ... I don't know the reason
That old witch needs to be disposed of!
Is this is what Paul Simon wants me to call his mass transit vehicle?
A white box without hinges, key or lid, but inside golden treasure is hid.
Get down!
We're on our way! Nitrogen, Kansas here we come!
Why does the Joker keep asking if I'm like this guy?
This character's last name is food ... and his first name starts with a food as well!
Is there a 'Men In Black' agent in that liquor?
An early alphabetical Doctor's business.

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