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Forced Order
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LyricSong titleArtist
Chasing the rainRicky Dillon
Growing distance free of explanationTroye Sivan
There's always been a needTrevor Moran
Kiss me on the mouth and set me freeTroye Sivan
I'm down to my skin and boneTroye Sivan
Scared my love, you'll goTroye Sivan
Now people keep askingRicky Dillon
Got the hustle on the gun I'm about to work itRicky Dillon feat. Snoop Dogg
If you wanna get down tonightTrevor Moran
Hi, my name is Shane Dawson, I'm a famous Youtuber with lots of fans, and lots of money! Shane Dawson
I've been tryna findTrevor Moran
As the smile fell from your faceTroye Sivan
It's Christmas time and Santa's hereShane Dawson
If life was like a Christmas movieShane Dawson
Ever feel so good? Well, you always shouldRicky Dillon
Helloooooo, money money money moneyMarcus Butler feat. Brett McLaughlin
In the crowd aloneTroye Sivan
I like to mess with the peopleTrevor Moran
Chillin' on the west side playing my songRicky Dillon
Trying hard not to fallTroye Sivan
All these different placesTrevor Moran
Wrapped my thought around your mindTroye Sivan
Can you hear me nowRicky Dillon
Don't stop, blow me upRicky Dillon
Best friends, yeah, we're much more than thatRicky Dillon, Shelby Waddell
We are runnin' so fastTroye Sivan
She calls me in the morning, with no clothes onSam Pottorff feat. Golden
I can't walk this road aloneRicky Dillon
LyricSong titleArtist
I know you see what I'm doing, everydayTrevor Moran
Pulling up in black carsTrevor Moran
Don't ignore my callShane Dawson
I'm running out of timeShane Dawson
Sweet life livin'Troye Sivan
You must be wondering, where have I beenMarcus Butler feat. Conor Maynard
The blood is rushing through my veinsRicky Dillon, Trevor Moran
What if, what if we run awayTroye Sivan
Life it's hard, I knowTroye Sivan
I know you've got a strong heartJoey Graceffa
No tears and no fears, it's OKRicky Dillon
Tick tock, tick tock, yeah, I'm staring at the clockRicky Dillon
I've seen every place and pretty face and then my heart they tookRicky Dillon
I woke up on the wrong side of my floorShane Dawson
The truth runs wildTroye Sivan
I wanna sleep next to youTroye Sivan
And your love, and your love, when the lights come crashin' downTrevor Moran
But don't you wanna see the world, boyTroye Sivan
You and I, we were on to somethingTrevor Moran
The sun sets longerTroye Sivan
My life in colorRicky Dillon
I am tired of this placeTroye Sivan
It's time to party, we're gonna dance like nobody's homeRicky Dillon
You already know, you already knowTrevor Moran
The night is young, the DJs doneRicky Dillon
I smell hartbreak on my handsTroye Sivan
It should be outlawedTrevor Moran
Glow is low and it's dimmingTroye Sivan

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