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Can you name the right answers from chapters 1-4 in The Vampire Academy?

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what is the name of the cat living near Rose and Lissa when they were away from the Academy?
At what time of they day did they return to the Academy?
Who were present in Headmistress Kirovas office along with Dimitri and Alberta?
With which adjectives did Dimitri describe Rose in Headmistress Kirovas office?
Where did Kirova send Rose and Lissa after the meeting?
Who led the first class Rose took after the meeting at Kirovas?
What does Mason call Dimitri?
What makes a Strigoi more powerful?
What smell were Stan Altos breath?
What does the novices have for half a semester their senior year?
What have Victor Dashkov made a hobby of studying?
What is the name of Victors disease?
With whom is Aaron going out when they return?
Which elements can a Moroi specialize in?
With whom did Rose and Lissa have lunch?
What did Rose answer when Jesse said 'Hey, Rose, welcome back. You still breaking hearts?
At what time did the bond between Rose and Lissa appear?
Where did Lissa meet Christian?
What happened to Christians parents?

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