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Andy Hallettgreen demon, loves music and any form of entertainment, headed the Entertainment division of Wolfram & Hart, had a karaoke bar called Caratas
Marc BlucasInitiative soldier, Buffy's boyfriend
Juliet LandauAngel drove her mad and sired her, she sired Spike, mentally insane
Brigid BrannaghWesley's love interest (S2), dad tried to sacrifice her on his 50th birthday
Indigopotential slayer, tough girl
Christian KaneWolfram & Hart prodginy(sp?), rebel, leaves and comes back with 'some new tricks', gets his hand cut off by Angel
Amy Ackersweet Texan girl, shy at first, becomes good fighter and demon hunter, tiny, is killed when a demon takes over her body
Danny Strongshort, frequently picked on part of the Trio, stabbed to death by his friend
J. August Richardsleader of a gang, likes violence, dates Fred, tough guy
Laurell HollomanHoltz's protoge, her twin sister was killed by vampires, slits Wesley's throat
Alexis DenisofCordelia's love interest, Watcher that replaces Giles, wimp turned demon hunter (a good one at that)
Amy AckerOld One that took over Fred's body, she's blue
Jason HallLead singer of 'Dingoes Ate My Baby'
Eliza Dushkuslayer called after Kendra is killed, turns evil and kills people, then turns good again
Charlie WebberGlory's human half
Amanda Fullerpotential slayer, impersonated by the first
Harris YulinHead of the Watcher's Council
Adam BaldwinEve's replacement as Liason to the Senior Partners
Mercedes McNabbhalfwit, Spike's ex, terrible at being evil, Angel's assistant
Armin Shimermanratman, hates students of all kinds (esp. Buffy)
Tom Lenkrather bad part of the Trio, later joins the Scooby Gang
Bailey Chaseanother of Riley's friends, leaves the Initiative and joins another troup of military demon hunters
Glenn Quinnhalf demon-half human, Irish, is killed off in mid-season 1 (i didn't like that they did that)
Daniel Dae KimWolfram & Hart lawyer, season 3 and 4, brought in to replace Lindsey
Kristine SutherlandSummer's mom
Leonard Robertsone of Riley's close friends, Initiative soldier, killed by Adam and turned into a cyborg
Nathan FillionSelf righteous preacher, woman hater
Alexa Dalvosshe sparks (literally electricity rolls off her skin)
Sarah Thompsonfrom Angel, Liason to the SR. Partners
Nicholas BrendanBuffy's best friend, demon magnet, funny guy
Vincent Kartheiserson of Angel and Darla, Kidnapped by Holtz, grows up in a hell dimension
Jenny Mollenwerewolf, Angel's girlfriend in Season 5
Keith Szarabajkavampire hunter from Darla and Angel's past brought into the 21st century, kidnapps Connor
Clara Bryantpotential slayer, one of the first 3 to arrive to Sunnydale, British, gets killed by Caleb
James Marstersevil vampire, gets a behavior midification chip in his head and can't 'chase the puppies anymore', gets a soul
Robia LaMortetechno pagan, Giles first girlfriend on the show, part of the Romanian coven that cursed Angel with a soul
Charisma CarpenterSHS mean girl, goes to work with Angel in LA
Lindsay Crouse'Evil' head of the initiative, mother figure to the soldiers (esp. Riley), creates Adam (who kills her)
Clare KramerHell God, very powerful, a little insane, spoiled
Amber Bensonwitch, Willow's girlfriend, thought she was part demon, shot by a member of the Trio
Robin Sachsone of Gile's old college buddies, chaos worshiper
LaLainepotential slayer, hangs herself after talking with the first
Julia Lee(Buffy) vampire worshiper/friend in LA (Angel) head of a teen shelter
Iyari Limonpotential slayer, one of the first to arrive in Sunnydale, Willow's girlfriend
Matthew JamesAngel Inv. (paid) informant/stalker(Demon, 1st meeting is in Lorne's bar), hates Angel, gets killed in Season 3 by Gunn's old Gang
Gina TorresConnor and Cordelia's 'daughter', eats people, tried for world peace
Anthony Stewart HeadBuffy's watcher, British
Stephanie RomanovHead of Wolfram & Hart (S4) Wesley's fling (S4), killed by Cordelia but Angelus drinks her blood, Wesley cuts off her head to prevent her from becoming a vampire
Julie BenzAngelus's Sire, over 400 years old, Connor's mom
Bianca Lawsonslayer called when Buffy drowns, killed by Drusilla
Kristy Wupotential slayer, Giles has problems talking with her because he thinks she speaks a different language than she does
Vladmir Kulichblotts out the sun, works for Cordelia
Emma Caulfield1,120 year old demon who tends to put things bluntly
Sarah Michelle GellarDuh! the show's about this slayer
Elisabeth Rohmdective in LA, goes on a rampage after her father is killed by vampires, searches for the 'supernatural looking' cases, which gets her fired, which leads to attempting to commit suicide
D.B. WoodsideSon of the slayer that Spike kiled in New York and took her coat, principal of the new HS, freelance demon hunter
Michelle TractenbergLittle Summer's, Buffy's pain in the rear
Elizabeth Anne AllenWitch, turns herself into a rat to escape buring at the stake, goes 'evil'
David BoreanezVampire with a soul, Buffy's on-off boyfriend, leaves for LA
Harry Groenersold his soul for immortality, achieves assention(sp?), Faith's father figure, germ-o-phob
Alyson HanniganBuffy's best friend, Witch
Seth GreenWerewolf, Willow's only boyfriend (unless you count Xander when they were little)
Sarah Haganpotential slayer, Sunnydale High Student
George HertzbergMaggie Walsh's human/demon/computer creation that goes wrong
Saverio Guerraeasy to bribe, easily scared with violence
Paige MossLead singer of Shy, werewolf that causes Oz and Willow to break up
Sam AndersonHead lawyer of Wolfram & Hart until Darla or Drusilla kills him in his wine room
Felicia Daypotential slayer, seems like a scaredy cat, but toughens up
Adam Buschmakes robots, 'leader' of the trio, accidentally kills Tara, Willow flays him alive

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