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What is the sum of a maximum break in snooker, the highest checkout in darts and a perfect score in ten-pin bowling?
Name any capital city in the world starting with the letters 'Ka'.
Which European capital city lies on the River Manzanares?
Who wrote the controversial book 'Atlas Shrugged'?
Who was assassinated by her own bodyguard on 31st October 1984?
Christiania is the old name for which European capital?
The girls in the opera 'Carmen' work in what kind of factory?
The asteroid belt in our solar system is found between which two planets?
Who is the only player in the Open era to win the Wimbledon mens' singles title without losing a set?
The Stanislawski method is associated with which profession?
In Greek myth, on which island did the Minotaur live?
Which famous author wrote screenplay for 1949 film 'The Third Man'?
What does the Spanish word 'cuando' mean?
Who wrote the sonnet 'On First Looking into Chapman's Homer'?
Who was the first American to have a personal fortune of one billion US dollars?
Klaus Voorman won a Grammy Award for his cover design on The Beatles Revolver album. Voorman was also the bassist for which successful British band between 1966 and 1969?
In which city is Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' set?
In literature, Abel Magwitch is the financial benefactor of which character?
Which US President kept pet opossums named Mr Reciprocity and Mr Protection while in office?
What was Bangladesh called between 1947 and 1971?
The name of which Apollo astronaut is also the title of a 1996 historical film directed by Neil Jordan? (full name required)
Which Russian composer composed 'Pictures at an Exhibition' in 1874?
If you ordered 'Ebi' in a Japanese restaurant, what would you be served?
'Redemption Island' was the title given to the 22nd season of which reality TV show?
How was Harry Longabaugh better known?
Rhea and Phoebe are satellites of which planet?
In which city are the headquarters of the Coca Cola Company?
Which writer won the 1998 Booker Prize for his novel 'Amsterdam'?
Which English rock band recorded the albums 'OK Computer', 'Kid A', and 'Amnesiac'?
What type of foodstuff is Ricotta?
What was the name of the Ernest Hemingway novel which mirrored his own experiences as an Italian ambulance driver during WWI?
The Long Parliament occurred during the reign of which English King?
What is the shortest word in the English language to contain each of the first six letters of the alphabet (i.e. A, B, C, D, E and F) at least once?
Which dance gets its name from the Spanish word for sauce?
Which is the closest galaxy to 'The Milky Way'?
What is the Islamic equivalent of Kosher food?
Who became the first Japanese footballer to play for Manchester United after signing from Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2012?
Pori, Tampere, and Turku are cities in which European country?
What is the four letter Bengali word for 'country' or 'land'?
WWE wrestler David Otunga is engaged (as of November 2012) to which Oscar-winning actress and singer?
Which emperor was killed by Cassius Chaerea in 41AD?
What is the name of the blue cactus used to make Tequila?
Which Oscar winning film is based on a novel by Thomas Keneally?
Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, who was the second?
Which US President became ill at his inauguration, dying 30 days later?
The final appearance in film for both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe was in which 1961 movie?
Who was Hitler's architect and Minister for Arms and Industrial Production?
The Sandinistas were a revolutionary political party, active in which country?
Which actor replaced Richard Harris in the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films?
Who had a hit in 1984 with 'Love is a Battlefield'?
Blanket and honeycomb are the two main types of which food?
Who also writes novels under the name Richard Bachman?
In Greek mythology, who was the wife of Orpheus?
Which famous Hollywood director, then an eight year old boy, played the part of Winthrop Paroo in the 1962 film, 'The Music Man'?
The 'psychic' Uri Geller was born in which country?
Who directed the 1957 film 'The Bridge on the River Kwai'?
What colour is the semi precious stone Lapis Lazuli?
Which artist (1606-1669) painted 'Belshazzar's Feast'?
Which Alfred Hitchcock film climaxes atop the Statue of Liberty?
Which 20th century war began with a raid over the 38th parallel?
Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are characters in which of Shakespeare's plays?
What was Frankenstein's first name, in the book by Mary Shelley?
What is the capital of Suriname?
Which chemical element has the shortest name?
What is the technical name in human beings, for the lower jawbone?
Which prominent British-American journalist, political commentator, literary critic and noted atheist died on December 15th 2011?
What is the three letter word for the egg mass from fish used to make caviar?
The name of which African country, once a colony called 'German South-West Africa', translated means 'Area where there is nothing'?
The Flemish Giant is the world's largest breed of which animal?
Fez is a city in which North African country?
What is the Latin phrase for 'seize the day'?
Which rock band recorded the albums 'Ten', 'VS', 'Vitalogy' and 'Riot Act'?
Which actress was nominated for the Oscar for best actress, on no fewer than twelve occasions between 1933 and 1981?
Who succeeded Charles de Gaulle as French President in 1969?
What is the commonly used Latin word meaning 'Elsewhere'?

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