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Name for Spanish volunteers in the German militaryWestern and Eastern Fronts
Japanese Codename for Midway AtollPacific
US harbor attacked by Japanese forces shortly before their attack on MidwayPacific
Name of British battleship sunk off the coast of Malaya along with the HMS RepulsePacific
Major Japanese facility on eastern New BritainPacific
Famous Marine fighter squadron which participated in attacks on the facility.Pacific
What Allied power originally invaded Poland from the east on the side of Germany?Western and Eastern Fronts
Hitler's three main objectives when invading the Soviet Union were Moscow, Leningrad, and -Western and Eastern Fronts
Name of the small paratrooper unit who landed in Normandy with the objective of destroying the Douve River Bridge. They also wore mohawks and Native American war paint.Western and Eastern Fronts
The League of Nations mandate that granted Japan many islands in the PacificPacific
Country that gave Japan it's Southeast Asian territories after being conquered by Nazi GermanyPacific
The island which the 1st Marine Division landed on in Sept.1944, now considered a 'forgotten battle'.Pacific
Mediterranean island the German paratroopers landed on in 1941. The battle was also known for the first major civilian resistance during the war.Mediterranean and African Theater
The only battle in which Britain and France(not Vichy France) fought against eachother. Britain was attempting to disable the French so it's ships could not be used by GermanyMediterranean and African Theater
The Battles of Kohima and _____ pushed the Japanese out of British India and back into BurmaPacific
What was the name of the B-29 bomber that dropped 'Fat Man' on Nagasaki?Pacific
What was the nickname of the V-1 flying rocket that was launched at London in 1944?Western and Eastern Fronts
During the Allied landings at Normandy, what were the name of the cliffs that the 2nd Ranger Battalion had to scale while under fire from German troops?Western and Eastern Fronts
Which Middle-Eastern country did Britian and the Soviet Union invade in 1941?Mediterranean and African Theater
What was the nickname for the Allied supply runs to the island of Malta?Mediterranean and African Theater
What year do some historians consider the real beginning of the war?Pacific
True or False? German ships attacked Australian controlled islands in 1941.Pacific
True or False? Isoroku Yamamoto said 'I fear all I have done is awaken a sleeping giant'.Pacific
What was the all important river during the Battle of Stalingrad?Western and Eastern Fronts
What was the first major land defeat suffered by the Japanese in the Pacific War?Pacific
Name the brutal New Guinea track that Australian troops fought on in 1942.Pacific
What port in south New Guinea did the Japanese intend to capture before they were turned back in the Battle of the Coral Sea?Pacific

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