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Dictionary DefinitionBrandCategory
a person who delivers authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncementsTechnology
a place where a river or other body of water is shallow enough to be crossed by wadingAutomotive
the periodic rise and fall of the waters of the ocean and its inlets, produced by the attraction of the moon and sun, and occurring about every 12 hoursCleaning
a person who keeps, operates, or works in a mill, esp a corn millFood/Beverage
an underground electric railroad, usually in a large cityRestaurant
to elude or evade by a sudden shift of position or by strategyAutomotive
a small, usually wooded valley; valeTechnology
the system of sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or futureMedia
(Greek myth) the winged goddess of victoryApparel
the point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given position or observerTechnology
a break or opening, as in a fence, wall, or military lineRetail
an ecclesiastical rule or law enacted by a council or other competent authority and, in the Roman Catholic Church, approved by the popeTechnology
an object, usually marked with concentric circles, to be aimed at in shooting practice or contestsRetail
a badge consisting of stripes meeting at an angle, worn on the sleeve by noncommissioned officers, police officers, etc., as an indication of rank, service, or the likeGasoline
an official mark or stamp indicating a standard of purity, used in marking gold and silver articles assayed by the Goldsmiths' Company of London; plate markRetail
Dictionary DefinitionBrandCategory
the highest part of a hill or mountain range; the section of a wave that rises above an undisturbed positionPersonal care
the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and adaptation to environmentMedia
the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet; an incremental change in a variableTravel
sun-dried brick made of clay and straw, in common use in countries having little rainfallTechnology
any bird of the family Columbidae, especially the smaller species with pointed tailsPersonal care
a premium or reward, especially one offered by a government; a generous giftCleaning
a rosaceous tree, having pink or white fragrant flowers and firm rounded edible fruits; the fruit of this tree, having red, yellow, or green skin and crisp whitish fleshTechnology
a hard outer covering of an animal, as the hard case of a mollusk, or either half of the case of a bivalve molluskGasoline
an endorsement made by a representative of one country on a passport issued by another, permitting the holder entry into or transit through the country making the endorsementFinance
the first appearance of daylight in the morningCleaning
treats or gratifies with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness, or carePersonal care
burns or chars the surface of; marks with a branding ironRetail
a three-pronged instrument or weaponFood/Beverage
a carnivore of the dog family, especially those of the genus Vulpes, smaller than wolves, having a pointed, slightly upturned muzzle, erect ears, and a long, bushy tailMedia
a heavy, silver-white, highly toxic metallic element, the only one that is liquid at room temperatureAutomotive

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