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Cloudy every morning / Sun don't never shineThe Chicago Transit Authority
Every road leads to your door / Every step I take forever moreChicago 18
As time goes on / I realize / Just what you mean / To meChicago II
Drive in movies / Comic books and blue jeansChicago VIII
She said 'it's lonely here tonight' / She's always sad when she's aloneChicago 16
Right before my very eyes / I thought that you were only faking itChicago XI
Waiting for the break of day / Searching for something to sayChicago II
Its just that the thought of us so happy / Appears in my mind as a beautifully mysterious thingThe Chicago Transit Authority
She was the one / I know it now just like a blind man feels the setting sunChicago XXX
Here I go again / Why does the ghost of love still haunt me?Chicago X
When I'm with you / It doesn't matter where we areThe Chicago Transit Authority
You know our love was meant to be / The kind of love that lasts foreverChicago 17
Yesterday I would not have believed / That tomorrow the sun would shineHot Streets
When it's time to function as a feeling human being / Will your Bachelor of Arts help you get by?Chicago V
Your heart is cold, your soul is numb / You don't like who've you becomeChicago XXX
Couldn't stand to be kept away / Just for the day / From your bodyChicago 16
When nothing else in this world goes right / Oh I just want to run to youChicago 19
The feeling is clear / Clear as a blue sky on a sunny dayChicago VII
I just want to end these lonely hours / End these lonely daysChicago III
Children play in the park / They don't know / I'm alone in the darkChicago II

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