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The Imp
King when the series begins
Former character's best friend
The Kingslayer
Former character's lover
The Hound
The Stark bastard
Youngest sibling of Rhaegar
Former character's abusive brother
The Stark matriarch, formerly a Tully
The Young Wolf
Eddard's ward
The Lannister twins' firstborn child
Former character's betrothed
Former character's younger sister
Exiled to Essos, counsels Daenerys
Brothel owner who loves Catelyn
Crippled young boy with mystical abilities
The Onion Knight
Warrior woman, defeats the Hound
Wildling killed by Olly, dies in Jon's arms
The Old Bear
King Robert's eldest brother
Daenerys' translator
The leader of the religious sparrows
The new king after the Purple Wedding
Oberyn's paramour
The Red Woman
Killed on the privy by a crossbow
Fought Tyrion's trial by combat in the Vale
Daenerys' lover, sellsword
Was wed to both Joffrey and Tommen
Maintains a network of 'little birds'
Bastard that tortures Theon
Jon's cowardly, bookish friend
Former character's love interest
Lord of the Dreadfort, betrayed Robb
The Young Wolf's wife
A man has no name
The loyal, old Winterfell maester
Baratheon bastard befriended by Arya
The Mountain
Ruler of the Iron Islands at series' start
Former character's daughter
King Robert's treacherous squire
Former character's father
Leader of the Unsullied
Wiildling who rapes his daughters
Killed outside brothel by Kingslayer
King Robert's previous Hand
Former character's wife
The Queen of Thorns
Prince Doran's son
Reanimates The Mountain's corpse
Has greyscale, was burnt at the stake
The Blackfish
Resides in the Twins, has many children
Killed by wights, euthanized by sister
Elderly Grand Maester
Wildling that helps Bran
Khal suffocated by pillow
Prostitute that Tyrion falls in love with
King Beyond The Wall
Pirate, acquaintance of Davos
Owner of Shaggydog
Dies defending Castle Black from a giant
Catelyn's father
Former character's son and heir
Margaery's first husband
Former character's lover
Iron Bank of Braavos representative
Daenerys' Meerenese husband, now dead
Beheaded by Robb, causing abandonment
Large, strong, simple-minded stableboy
Ned's fellow survivor of the Tower of Joy
Former character's daughter
Sickly Lord of the Vale
Former character's counsellor
Head of House Tarly
The Red Priest, Beric's best friend
So good at sex, prostitutes return his money
The kennelmaster's daughter
Exiled to the Wall, beheaded by Jon
The Mad King
Eddard's sister
Shame! Shame! Shame!
Murders Syrio Forel
Head of House Tyrell
Balon's murderer
Former character's brother, Damphair
The Dornish Captain of the Guards
Prostitute shot by Joffrey
Sent by Roose to capture the Stark boys
Ferocious flame-haired Wildling
_____ The Bold, exiled Kingsguard
Davos' dead son
Counsels Theon, betrays him at Winterfell
Tells Bran stories
Stannis' wife
Theon beheads him at Winterfell
Archer of the Brotherhood Without Banners
Essosi that brokers Dany's marriage to Drogo
Sand Snake that kills Areo
Brother of the Night's Watch, shot by Ygritte
Prostitute that testifies against Loras
Deserter of the Night's Watch, beheaded by Eddard
Tywin's dead wife
Evil warlock of the House of the Undying
Wildling warg
Night's Watch recruiter, helps Arya out of King's Landing

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