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Can you name these Walking Dead Comic Characters?

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The main character
The first survivor he meets
The son of the first survivor he meets
Main character's best friend before the outbreak
Main character's wife
Main character's son
Main character's daughter
Asian man killed by baseball bat
Currently in a relationship with main character
Former character's sister
Old man with an RV
Young woman who commits suicide by zombie
Former character's daughter
Mechanic whose whole family was eaten
Ex-shoe salesman and grieving husband
Former character's wife
Former character's son who killed his twin
Was killed by his twin brother
Was beheaded at the prison massacre
Former character's daughter
Former character's boyfriend
Accidentally shot main character's son
Was shunned by the group by siding with prisoners
Owner of the farm
Farm owner's zombified son
Farm owner's only surviving child
Farm owner's sarcastic daughter
Farm owner's son who wears a bandanna
Farm owner's twin daughter (R)
Farm owner's other twin daughter
Last surviving prisoner with a huge beard
Prisoner who runs away from the prison
Prisoner who decapitates farm owner's twins
Prisoner who is discreetly shot by main character
Survivor with a sword
Cruel leader of Woodbury
Doctor of Woodbury
Former character's medical assistant
Woodbury's town drunk and retired surgeon
Kills the leader of Woodbury
Woodbury leader's zombified daughter
Woodbury member who used to be a gym teacher
Woodbury leader's assistant
Woodbury leader's assistant
Gets killed in an arena fight
Was killed with a crossbow bolt to the head
Former character's girlfriend
Manages to manufacture bullets
Leader of the Hunters
Priest who recently joined the militia
Recruiter for Alexandria
Former character's boyfriend
One-legged Alexandrian supply runner
Former character's dead best friend
Initial leader of the construction workers
First death of the Alexandria herd attack
Former leader of Alexandria
Former character's wife
Former character's son
Forms a brief relationship with main character
Former character's abusive husband
Former character's son
Young boy that works at the mill
Former character's dead father
Former character's wife
Overweight woman who manages the supplies
Construction site worker whose boyfriend dies
Doctor of Alexandria- killed by former character
Religious woman who comforts Monroe son
Teenage boy recently decapitated
Former character's grieving father
Former character's wife
Current leader of the construction team
Woman who greets main character on a horse
Hilltop recruiter nicknamed 'Jesus'
Asian Hilltop guard, killed in All-Out War
Other Hilltop guard
Former leader of Hilltop
Current Hilltop leader's baby son
Former character's babysitter
Friendly Hilltop citizen recently decapitated
Mother of one of the bullies, recently decapitated
Former character's dead husband
Former character's son
Hilltop doctor
Former character's assistant who is also gay
Hilltop blacksmith
Hilltop citizen who tries to kill the former leader
Punches main character at a funeral pyre
Has a crush on the current Hilltop leader
Made alcohol to sell at the community fair
Former character's partner
Recently decapitated, wears a bandanna
Former character's friend
Unofficial leader of a small group newly introduced
Recently decapitated, had a crush on former character
Member of former character's group, eaten alive
Member of former character's group, large man
Member of former character's group
Member of former character's group
Young girl who has a crush on main character's son
Was almost stabbed to death by Whisperers
Former character's missing companion
Regal former leader of the Kingdom
Former character's dead right-hand man
Former Kingdom leader's pet
Kingdom member who doesn't clear the path properly
Kingdom member stabbed in All-Out War
Alexandria member who gossips at the party
Former Alexandria leader's exiled bestfriend
Hilltop member killed by Whisperers
Wields a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat
Former character's weapon of choice
Wields a crossbow and trains the militia
Former character's former partner
Savior whose face is burned
Former character's partner
Brother of Hilltop doctor
Savior thrown from the lookout tower
Savior pushed off of a building
Vicious female Savior
Female Savior loyal to Militia Leader
Blacksmith apprentice
Implied boyfriend of Hilltop assistant doctor
Member of Oceanside
Leader of the Whisperers
Former character's daughter
Former character's dead friend
Sword-wielding survivor chains him up as a zombie
Former character's dead friend
Ammo-production crew member eaten alive

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