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Can you name the Big 4 Team by the vague logo description?

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Vague DescriptionTeamLeague
It's a horned animal with a star for an eye.NFL
A pair of red things I put on my feet.MLB
It's a bird holding a ball.NBA
It's something you see in the sky at night except it's blue.NFL
It's a wheel with wings.NHL
A baseball hat, on a bat, in a circle.MLB
The ball is on fire going through a circle.NBA
The 14th and 25th letter outlined in red.NFL
A buffalo between two swords.NHL
A fish wearing a helmet.NFL
It's a smirking blue bug.NBA
It's a winking man with a hat.NBA
Vague DescriptionTeamLeague
A 'J' with a pointed tail.NHL
There's a crown on a pentagon.MLB
It's a star with an opening on the side.MLB
It's a bear with a forest making up the face.NHL
It's a lightning bolt shaped like a sad face. NFL
A basketball with a couple numbers in it.NBA
It's an airplane on a leaf.NHL
A 'G' and it's football shaped.NFL
A bear with glowing yellow eyes.NBA
A baseball with a city in the background.MLB
It's a wolf in the trees.NBA
An angry bird with green eyes.NFL
Vague DescriptionTeamLeague
Tiger colors in the letter 'B'.NFL
The basketball is inside the 'P'.NBA
A baseball flying through the purple mountains.MLB
A cat pouncing at you.NHL
Three different colored star figures in a circle.NFL
A dinosaur dribbling. NBA
The fish is breaking through the top of the 'C'.NHL
A fancy looking 'D'.MLB
A yellow bridge in a blue circle.NBA
It's a blue leaf.NHL
Orange helmet.NFL
It's a red bird perched on a bat.MLB

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