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Can You Name the Behaviors of John Wooden's Pyramid of Success??

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Being AwareBe observing constantly.
Able to fight wellBe at your best when your best is needed.
How healthy something is Mental-Moral-Physical.
How you think of yourselfRespect without fear.
Getting alongListen if you want to be heard.
Excited Brushes off upon those who you come in contact with.
PartnershipComes from mutual esteem, respect, and devotion.
Constantly activeThere is no substitute for worked.
HintAnswerJohn's Description
Ability to assess thingsCultivate the ability to make decisions and think alone.
Sharply FocusedSet a realistic goal.
FaithfulnessTo your self and to all those depending upon you.
State of balanceJust being yourself.
Being able to withstand your angerPractice self discipline and keep your emotions under control.
TalentA knowledge of and the ability to properly and quickly execute the fundamentals.
Believing in your friendsA genuine consideration for others.

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