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Can you name the Marvel character or object based on the differences between their Marvel comics (Earth 616) and MCU versions?

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Debut: 616 - Fantastic Four 52; MCU - Captain America:Civil War
Alternate Identity: 616 - Iron Man, Iron Patriot; MCU - Iron Patriot
Long-lost Sister: 616 - Angela; MCU - Hela
Source of Powers: 616 - Mutant; MCU - HYDRA Infinity Stone experiment
Pre-Super Hero Job: 616 - Pawn of Red Skull; MCU - Air Force veteran
Creator: 616 - Hank Pym; MCU - Tony Stark and Bruce Banner
Debut: 616 - Villain taking shots at Iron Man; MCU - SHIELD agent about to take a shot at Thor
Job: 616 - Servant; MCU - Librarian
Nationality: 616 - Wakandan refugee; MCU - US-born Wakandan
Weapon: 616 - Beta Ray Bill's hammer; MCU - Thor's axe
Wearers: 616 - Thanos, Nebula, Adam Warlock, Magus, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Captain America; MCU - Thanos, Hulk, Iron Man
Embarrassing Alternate Identity: 616 - Bombastic Bag-Man; MCU - Night Monkey
Killed By: 616 - Immortus, Ultron; MCU - Scarlet Witch, Thanos
Earth-Born Guardians of the Galaxy #1: 616 - 3; MCU - 1 (besides Star-Lord, name the Earth 616 Guardian born as Arthur Douglas)
Earth-Born Guardians of the Galaxy #2: 616 - 3; MCU - 1 (besides Star-Lord, name the Earth 616 Guardian from Vietnam)
Pet 'Cat': 616 - Chewie; MCU - Goose
Ethnicity and Gender: 616 - Tibetan male; MCU - Celtic female
Borough of Origin: 616 - Lower East Side of Manhattan (like Jack Kirby); MCU - Brooklyn
Alternate Identity: 616 - Captain America; MCU - White Wolf
Ambushed by Terrorists In: 616 - Vietnam; MCU - Afghanistan
Employers/Teams: 616 - Fantastic Four, Avengers, Heroes for Hire, Guardians of the Galaxy; MCU - Baskin Robbins, Hank Pym, X-Con Security Consultants, Avengers
Debut: 616 - Soviet spy; MCU - SHIELD spy
Sakaar Opponent: 616 - Silver Surfer; MCU - Thor
Killed By: 616 - Drax, Dr. Doom, Gamora; MCU - Thor, Iron Man
Codename Users: 616 - Janet van Dyne, Hank Pym, Nadia Pym; MCU - Janet van Dyne, Hope van Dyne
Noteworthy Wielders: 616 - Odin, Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Thunderstrike, Jane Foster, Captain America, Superman; MCU - Odin, Thor, Vision, Captain America, Jane Foster (soon)

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