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Name OriginTeam Name
This team is named after a Livestock show (American ______ Livestock Show) held in the city in which this team plays.
This team got its name due to the fact that it is located in the nation's capital.
A contest held by the local newspaper gave this team their name. The name represents a rattlesnake that is native to the state.
The original name was the Brown Stockings... then the Perfectos,the owners, heard one of the fans from the crowd say 'what a lovely shade of a cardinal' so the owners official chan
Named after the mountain range running through the state.
They were named due to being located on the Atlantic coast where this dolphin-like animal roams.
This team is named after the law enforcement in the state in which it is located.
This team was originally called the Red Stockings.
This team got their name because of the meaning of the city in spanish.
The name originated from the term 'Athletic Club' for local gentlemen's clubs—dates to 1860 when an amateur team, the Athletic (Club) of Philadelphia, was formed.
The home city of this team is known as 'the space city' because of NASA's location. A shortened term for the people that go into space.
It is said that after one particularly satisfying victory, Jim Mutrie (who was the team's manager) stormed into the dressing room and exclaimed, 'My big fellows! My _____!'
This one is pretty self explanatory.... the people of Philadelphia are nicknamed this.
This team got its name because of the large population of this type of bird in the city.
This team got their name because of the number of breweries that inhabited the city.
Name OriginTeam Name
The founding ownership group was headed by the Labatt brewery, whose marquee Ontario brand was (and still is) Labatt's Blue Pilsner. Pouring, both from this fact and the from longs
This team, originally the Highlanders, were given their name due to being the American League team in the city. A name often given to Americans by the British.
This team got their name because of an earlier team from the city named the 'Metropolitans.'
Originally named the white stockings, a local newspaper gave this team their name because the team consited of youthful players and the nickname stuck.
This team name originates from Cubs' original team name.
This team is named after the cities St. Paul and Minneapolis.
This team has historically been associated with the color that is represented in the team name.
This team was named after the nickname for owner, James Gaffney ('The ______of Tammany Hall')
This team was given its name due to the complex maze of trolley cars that weaved its way through the borough of Brooklyn.
This team name originates from the orange stripes worn on the team's black socks.
The local newspaper for this team came up with the name as a play on the name of the 1914 Boston Braves, who were known as the 'Miracle Boston Braves'.
'Priests/Fathers' is a reference to the Franciscans of the Spanish missions of California.
Originally named after the Manta rays living in Florida.
In the late 1800's this team (originally the Nationals) signed a player named Louie Bierbauer, who the Philadelphia Phillies claimed as their own. The American Baseball Association
They pretty much just got their name from the marine life surrounding the city.

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