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Can you name the French cities hiding in the sentences?

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Forced Order
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She goes to church only on Easter and Christmas.
She would have nothing to do with Misses Distra's bourgeoisie crowd.
If you give me that nonpareil I'll eat it!
Have you ever seen a pelican nest?
They were part of a Conan test audience.
It's sweet to see the children nestled around the fire.
When I'm sad I jones for some fudge brownies.
The theatre I'm standing in is over 200 years old.
Bum...arse...I'll even say derrière!
In this photo, Ursuline nuns are shown visiting an orpanage.
Stop auto theft with the CarSafe 3000!
Just because it's subpar is no reason to throw it out.
Put this carcass on Neil's slab, please.
Once you've looked at the chart, respond to the questions following.
Never sit or lean somewhere that has a 'Fresh Paint' sign.
It was so cold the oven iced over!
It's a fable, man, something that has a deeper meaning.
Shrek is an ogre noble in spirit.
There is a lot to do in NYC: The Met, zoos, museums, etc.
If you need a limo, gesture to that driver in the Town Car.

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