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Can you name the nouns which change meaning according to gender?

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Masculine SenseNounFeminine Sense
a man who has ceased livingcessation of life
comparison between two itemsgeometric and geographical term
someone that shows you aroundleather band for leading horses
dissertationfaculty of remembering
mold (mould)mussel
kitchen rangeutensil for frying
someone who helpshelp
regulating deviceclock equipped with a regulating device
style (of living, e.g.)style (i.e. fashion)
jobdelivery of mail
Masculine SenseNounFeminine Sense
something you readBritish sterling
circular movement; promenadetall free-standing structure
someone who judgesjudgment
fabricgalette; thin pancake
one of the black suits in cardsmedieval arm
receptacle for flowersmud
expression of gratitudeclemency
a person's bodyone of the hard sciences
price reductionmilitary pay

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