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Rick Dee's type of duck
They're puttin' out the Ritz
Word with Romance roots used for 'physician'
American country rock band founded by Jim Messina
Italian for 'en plein air'... which is French for 'outdoors'
City on the Potomac in Prince William County
First name in No. 5
The fourth most populous federal entity in Mexico
City Herb Caen called 'Baghdad by the Bay'
Principality where French is spoken
One hit wonder with 'Puttin' On the Ritz'
Freddie Prinze's 70's TV character
Saucy Louisianan business
Italian sauce brand from International Gourmet
Coloration of felines, usually female
Pseudonym of late Austrian pop singer Hans Hölzel
Alt rock band fronted by Jeff Tweedy, roger that!
California electronics company using a stylized suspension bridge logo
Racetrack hosting the Preakness Stakes
Merged with Phillips
Originally Standard Oil, now part of BP
ADT Security is a division of this Swiss-based company
Malfoy you love to hate
Enya sang of its flow
Acronym for a company enmeshed in sports steroid scandal
Where the pets go
Nuts, daft, brick shy of a load...
Dice game, also spelled with a 'k'
Traditionally made of lime, sand and water
Official name begins 'Estado Libre Asociado de...'

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