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'You're money is mine Green.' 'You're fly's open Geller!'
'I went to the zoo one day and now I'm a koala bear!'
'Is my sweater too tight? It isnt!? Then i better go wash it and shrink it!'
'If we were in prison you guys would be like my bitches!'
'I'm playing Al Pacino's butt.'
'I pity the fool that where's my jewley! I do! I do!'
'Hmph. Aruba this time of year, talk about you're big...lizards'
'Actually, its Ms. Chanadaler Bong'
'The hills are alive with the sound.....of music'
'Look! We're bracelet buddies!' 'That's what they'll call us!'
'I know! I have dandruf! You don't have to point and laugh!'
'Hey! You're like my older sister! You can like, buy me beer.' 'Yeah, but i'm not gunna.'
'5, 7, 6, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7....7'
'Bplh.' 'What was that?' 'Nothing, just singing bplh ahh bplh ahh'
'Oh the cow in the medow goes moo, oh the cow in the medow goes moo. So the farmer hits him on the head and grindes him up and that's how we get hambergers!'
'Damn you jellyfish! Damn all the jelly fish!'
'Oh what wouldn't i give to be that can of....condensed milk'
'This milk carton is so flingin' flangin' hard to open!'
'I like to put this cold steal boday!'
'Whoa baby!' 'Whatchya doing?' 'Making chocolate milk, you want some?' 'No thanks, I'm 29'
'Awe, you were gonna drink the fat...'
'What's that on your tie?' 'Oh! It's a dinosaur....Grrrr!'
'What are you thankful for? Mommy's boobies?' 'I think everybody is thankful for that'
'Monica! Bang!'
'Isn't that just spit on your neck, kick you in the crotch fantastic?'
'Baby, I'm gonna narrow it down, this one, or this one.' 'I can't choose! They're both good.' 'Well then, we'll get both.' 'What?! I can't have two cats...Joey's the kinda guy that
'Although...' 'I like although.' 'Ross and I haven't dated for like 6 years.' 'Thats almost as long as highschool!'
'Itchieban! Lipstick, for men!'
'Sweetie, this conversation's making me a little uncomfortable.'
'Don't look so surprised, I'm a nice person'

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