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Selma Darin (1978)Dustin Hoffman
Stella Mae (1982)Cher
Ruth (1987)John Travolta
Helen Blake (1987)Robert Sean Leonard
Mrs. Canby (1988)Dudley Moore
Mary Beth Alder (1989)Beau Bridges
Jill (1989)Sally Kirkland
Lisa Coleman (1990)Jessica Lange
Mrs. Green (1990)Madonna
Rosemary (1990)Susan Sarandon
Annie Wilkes (1990)James Caan
Prostitute (1991)Woody Allen
Hazel Quarrier (1991)John Lithgow
Evelyn Couch (1991)Jessica Tandy
Elsa Barlow (1992)Anna Bernard
Leah Blier (1992)Meg Ryan
Bibby Berman (1992)Shirley MacLaine
Frances Lacey (1993)Edward Furlong
Alaskan Mom (1994)Elijah Wood
Ella Tate (1994)James Woods
Title Character (1995)David Strathairn
Meg Bethune (1995)George C. Scott
Mr. Goo (1995)Shirley MacLaine
Detective Shirley Vogel (1996)Sharon Stone
Maurine Collier (1996)Emilio Estevez
Miss Swaffer(1997)Rachel Weisz
Molly Brown (1997)Leonardo DiCaprio
Libby Holden (1998)John Travolta
Raphaella (voice) (1998)Robert Carradine
Helen 'Mama' Boucher (1998)Adam Sandler
Mrs. Mellon (1999)Geoffrey Nauffts
Mother Superior (2000)Gary Sinise
Ma James (2001)Colin Farrell
Mary Ann Bankhead (2002)Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Mrs. Belmont (2002)Kevin Costner
Roberta Hertzel (2002)Jack Nicholson
Grace Beasley (2002)Rupert Everett
Judge (2004)Andrea DiStefano
Queen Victoria (2004)Jackie Chan
Kippie Kann (2004)Brittney murphy
The Marquesa (2004) Gabriel Byrne
Aunt Mitsy (2005)Jennifer Aniston
Sue (2006)Sarah Jessica Parker
Agnes Menure (2006)Danny DeVito
Margene (2006) Jessica Lange
Bitsy the Cow (voice) (2006)Dakota Fanning
Miss Dowdy (voice) (2007) Ed Asner
Janet Benson (voice) (2007)Jerry Seinfeld
Mother Claus (2007)Vince Vaughn
Hester (voice) (2007) Nicole Kidman
Patricia (2007)Hilary Swank
Charlotte Cartwright (2008)Tyler Perry
Regina Jackson (2008)Keanu Reeves
Mrs. Helen Givings (2008)Kate Winslet
Madame Peloux (2009)Michelle Pfeiffer
Gloria (2009)Michelle Pfeiffer
Miss Sue (2009)Sandra Bullock
Susan (2010)Julia Roberts
Beverly Corbett (2010)Kate Hudson

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