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What is the dry-bulb temperature for the human comfort zone?
This is the process of treating air so as to control its temperature, humidity, and cleanliness
Gives a building energy efficiency and moves less air from the outside to inside
Pipe system that has the disadvantage of lukewarm water going into the chilling system
When hot air leaks out of the building
Where the refrigerant gas cools and turns into a warm, high-pressure liquid
Where the refrigerant returns to its gaseous state and goes back to the compressor to repeat the cycle
Where the refrigerant expands in volume as it passes through this
Where the refrigerant gas turns into a high-pressure gas
This process is when water vapor condenses on the outside of coils and drips down into a drain pan
Ceiling fans can reduce perceived temperatures by how much (degrees Fahrenheit)?
What is IAQ?
This ensures that HVAC systems are functioning as they were intended to by their manufacturers
What property equipment can Legionnaires' Disease be traced back to?
True or False: Decreasing air velocity will help people in a space feel cooler.
Agree or Disagree: The best type of accident prevention program is 'continuous improvement'
What are the four classifications of fire extinguishers?
Which class of fire is for gasoline and other flammable liquids?
Which class of fire is for cooking media such as oils and fats?
This type of plan is for facilities where fire extinguishers are required according to OSHA
What does the Fire Tetrahedron have that the Fire Triangle does not?
Slips and falls account for what % of deaths each year?
Yes or No: A rollover clause is a contract that automatically rolls over to another cycle unless the customer cancels it.
What elevator safety test must be conducted every 5 years?
How often should an elevator go under modernization?
Laundries require approx. how many sq. ft. per guest room?
Adding mortar to masonry after the bricks or stones are already laid is called what?
Correct or Incorrect: The lower a building's R-value, the better heat will be kept outside the building.
Which type of load describes weight that moves through the building?
What is the best equipment to move large numbers of people a short distance?
A traction elevator's governor will engage its safeties when the rated speed exceeds what percentage?
A 4-story building would use which type of elevator?
A 12-story building would use which type of elevator?
What are the two types of sprinkler systems?
Which type of heating system is decentralized and self-contained?

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